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The Official BGWiki Thread!
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By Sylph.Funkworkz 2017-10-24 14:47:52
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We have failed to update this thread, so here is September and October!


Another month or so has gone by so it is a time for shout outs and a list of notable changes.

As always, a big thank you to the many contributors, and a welcome to the newer editors that have recently joined the fold. If you feel like chipping in don't puss out, we want you to come help.

I also don't feel like taking a bunch of screenshots of random things on the wiki this month so just enjoy a picture of our official unofficial mascot:

Whitey is hungry for your edits! Come feed this poor starving cat. Don't make a little cat cry.

Wiki Changes

  • Funkworkz carried out the monthly update as per usual for the site. All pages related to it were filled in.

  • In the face of a few spam attacks this and last month. A new policy was created for new accounts requiring a two hour cool down before their first edit on the wiki. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the spam bots were ridiculous. All the more reason to make your account today in case you want to edit in the future though!

  • Korino updated ZM mission pages with tables, information, etc.

  • The Walk of Echoes Weapons page was updated. Again!

  • Tuknaput added several missing monster pages and information for monsters in Escha RuAun to the wiki.

  • Arislan updated the enhancing magic category page.

  • Wheeldog, Miang, ‎Nyarlko, and ……… updated guild point items.

  • Loona edited a couple of category tags. Thanks Loona.

  • Korino uploaded some pictures and the Sinister Reign NM pages.

  • Ligray added the new synths from last update to the wiki.

  • Vanaversary related items such as RoE objectives and the Chicken Knife along with subsequent NMs were added.

  • The trust page was updated aesthetically. Cornellia was added, and the wall of text on the page was broken up.

  • Ambuscade was updated for the new fights, and other information was improved and cross referenced via transclusion.

  • Now that the secret is out. Funk has been working on The History of FFXI for the past couple of months. Expect him to be working on it for the rest of his miserable existence. As he digs up information buried over a decade and a half ago through Google.

  • The typical wiki updates in the month such as page info for random items and so on.

Guide Changes

  • Minor Updates to Out of the BLU, Adoulin Ring selection added.

  • Vyy added to the DNC community collaborative guide. Including a link to the DPS calculator.


Another month in review. We would like to thank all the editors and contributors, both old and brand new.

Whitey also wants you to paint him like one of your French girls.

Wiki Changes
  • Funkworkz carried out the monthly update as per usual for the site. All pages related to it were filled in.

  • The ambuscade rewards were added to the rewards page, and information for Vol 1 was added to the ambuscade page.

  • We never get vol 2 information, so if anyone wants to add info to it then that would be great.

  • Korino added a bunch of Blue Mage spell acquisition info because I suck. Thank you for that, Korino.

  • Dasva helped update the Resist page.

  • Goat helped add information to the Trust page.

  • K0NIG helped update missions pages.

  • Funkworkz continued building the THe History of Final Fantasy XI page which grew to be the largest article on the wiki after only covering 2000-2005. It has now been split up by year because it simply was going to be too massive and resource demanding. 2004 and 2005 were added in the months of September and October, so be sure to go back and check it out if you haven't read through those years. Join the discussion page here if you wish to contribute and do not know how to edit.

  • The WSNM page (which was mostly empty) as well as the Map page, and other various pages related to the Quickstart 1-119 Guide were updated as part of the guide’s development.

  • Funkworkz has been working to update the Furnishing category, and associated pages/key items. This has been a ton of furnishings. These are now labeled in the Category:Need Appearance in case anyone wants to take pictures of them and upload them to the wiki. The remaining furnishings should be done by the end of the month.

  • Boogers, Danallen, IBHalliwell, Ligray, Lilchemist, Niamor, Nyarlko, Pockettaru, Sigilbaram, Victimofffxibg, Wizdro, and Zackily helped add or update various types of information to the wiki. Thank you.

Guide Changes
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