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COR Asura.Chiaia Oct 4th, 2018 COR Spreadsheet COR Post
MNK SimonSes October 2019 MNK Spreadsheet MNK Post
RNG Quetzalcoatl.Orestes May 30th, 2019 RNG Spreadsheet ?
DRG Sylph.Braden May 10th, 2017 DRG Spreadsheet DRG Post
SAM Odin.Llewelyn Feb 2nd, 2017 SAM Spreadsheet SAM Post
BLU Fenrir.Nightfyre March 2nd, 2017 BLU Spreadsheet BLU Post
THF Verda - Gone lately Jan 25th, 2017 THF Spreadsheet THF Post
NIN Quetzalcoatl.Langly May 5th, 2020 NIN Spreadsheet NIN Post
DNC Leviathan.Katriina May 29th, 2018 DNC Spreadsheet DNC Post
PLD Asura.Soralin July 9th, 2020 PLD Spreadsheet PLD Post
RUN Asura.Soralin April 29th, 2019 RUN Spreadsheet RUN Post
Various See Notes December, 2018 Spreadsheets Folder DNC, MNK, PLD, RUN, THF, WAR and WHM
by Valefor.Madranta
They updated these till Dec 2018 when they quit and don't have any current plans to update futher.
Changes: pDIF, buff values, enemies list, STR:ATK ratios, Damage Limit+ gear/traits, gear set bonuses, job specific things like MNK accuracy cap change.

Job Maintainer Last Updated Download Update Notes
Various Ramuh.Auster Feb 2018 Simulations SAM DRG atm

*Make sure to grab both the .exe and the .txt file. The .txt stores gear that you can add to if you like.

The goal of this node is to have a place where any spreadsheet maintainer can easily update their link and post info on a spreadsheet revision. This thread is stickied in all 22 job forums so that it is more easily found. Some spreadsheets get buried 20 pages back in the guide threads along with the notes on changes and that makes them hard to find.

I will be in a bit giving node edit access to all current maintainer's I know.

If anyone notices a spreadsheet get updated but it's not getting updated on here you can send me a PM with the link to the post of it getting updated please and I will add it myself.
Update: June 22nd, 2019 I normally respond in a day or 2 after I get a PM about an update/new maintainer and give node access (if you're new to maintaining a spreadsheet) but recently someone updated one and I saw their message on my phone but forgot about it since it no longer said I had a new message when at my pc. Hit me up with another message if I haven't gotten back to you in a few days. If that fails please send a message to Asura.Sechs he is the only none maintainer that also has access to updating since he sees posts in threads more often then I do.

Did I miss any one that has been updated lately?
All spreadsheet questions should be posted in their respective Job Guide thread.
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