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EU Day Time Players Needed
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By Thorgrimm 2022-11-24 10:04:05
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Shiva.Mewtwo said: »

Now back for Thorgrimms statement. Farming for improved gear or master levels is the same thing weather you like it or not. They all increase your stats.

It's not the same though, is it? I mean, since when did a piece of gear allow you to increase your subjob level and give you access to extra abilities from the increased subjob level? Never, as far as I know. Yes, some bits of gear gave access to certain spells that weren't ordinarily available at the time, but that's not the same thing at all.

And, as for not "needing" the extra stats/abilities/skill points, they all make earlier content that may prove hard for some (Unity NMs, Geas Fete NMs, VR missions, HTBFs, etc.) more doable solo. It'd also make you more desirable should you partake in any content that involved partying up (and don't say that this isn't relevant as we've already gone through the "REMA only" phase, it'll only be a matter of time before it'll be "ML50 only"). Let's hope that they actually do introduce sources of higher and easier EP in the future.

To Draylo, the reason I left after Odyssey was introduced wasn't just the grind (let's face it, there'd be no point in stopping at R0 gear), it's that not all jobs are looked on as relevant for the content and I'm not going to master a job just to participate in grindy content that also requires a dedicated static.

Like I said, it's not just me that feels this way, most of the players in my (now empty) LS have quit over the constant grind. The game's not a job at the end of the day.
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By Odin.Creaucent 2022-11-25 08:13:35
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Master level grind is more akin to the many level cap increases that we have over the decades. I remember getting my first 75 which was a grind itself and then starting the merit grind which was much worse than anything we have to do these days. You got 200-250 limit points per mob, you had a cap of 10 and unless you took a warp scroll or club you had to walk back to town. Quick warp wasn't a thing so you had to teleport as close as you could and then chocobo or run to camp.

Today I can click a button run for a few seconds and be at a camp and then stay there for as long as I want because trusts are a thing. I don't run the risk of getting to camp after 10-20mins of running and then the party disbanding because the BRD suddenly needed to go for sky events or was just bored. A lot of people especially EU folk from the 75 cap era can probably relate to the next one of sitting in town, because soloing merits was only a thing for a few jobs, and not getting an invite before you had to go to bed.

The master level grind is fairly casual and easy, you even get EP from normal endgame events. Lets face it there isn't anything in game just yet that really requires master levels and I very much doubt there ever will be. With the dwindling population SE are just trying to make things easier for the player base without actually nerfing any content in the game.

XI isn't a quick game and its made clear from the get go when it takes forever to auto attack at level 1. Its one of the fundamentals of XI which is why its as niche as it was back in the day. A grind at the end of the day is a grind whether its for gear or levels and XI is just one of the most grindiest games.
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