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Up to date item sets and Gearswap scripts
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By Asura.Ganno 2016-11-27 16:54:18
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Asura.Azagarth said: »
aisukage said: »
If you could get STP+8 instead of 5% DA on one of your reisin pieces (using fern) you can also swap the neck for ganeshas. cause 2 Quad atk is 6 extra hits out of 100 where 5% DA is only 5 meaning out of 100 hits you will get that 1 extra hit chance. also gaining 10 acc and if you are haste capped using LR you can swap to windbuffet +1 which gives 10 extra hits out of 100 hits over the 8 extra from that belt.

Problem is multi hitting more isn't helping when you're missing those hits more often.

So If acc is an issue for you what I could also recommend is giving up 5DA from 1 of your Resinjima pieces for 5+ STP+ and swap the neck with lissome and the sub slot with blood rain this will give 24 more acc and the 1 DA from lissome will mean you only lose 4 DA for this Acc gain.

Or another way which will give more acc and means you only lose 3% DA (instead of 4%) if you have it is swapping Brutal with telos and using Lissome. This will give 28 acc and a loss of only 3% DA.

but looking for more multihit/acc while keeping a 5 hit doesn't look very easy to do.

Thanks for reply! I like the suggestions given. Ya I feel I hit a wall on the low acc 5 hit (1150~) set, in terms of adding more multiattack. Your right on the windbuffet belt though, I need to work on a rule for my lua to have it equip windbuffet when max magic haste AND lr is up. Anyone got this rule yet?

I went with the DA because I have never personally been able to get 8 stp with more than 14 acc in 1000's of fern. But you are correct in that 8 stp on body and the lissome would be best in those situations. However the nice part of the DA body is that it can also work for many other sets (such as high acc where stp isnt as important, or your high acc reso sets).

In my high acc sets I also make the other swaps you mention :D so its good to know we are on the same path. My high acc set hits 1401 acc in reisen now, 5 hit, 36 DA and 4 TA. This seemed to perform well.

for the LR/magic capped rule, put:
if buffactive["Last Resort"] and ((buffactive.Haste and buffactive.March == 2) or (buffactive.Embrava and (buffactive.March == 2 or (buffactive.March and buffactive.Haste) or (buffactive.March and buffactive['Mighty Guard']) or (buffactive['Mighty Guard'] and buffactive.Haste))) or (buffactive[580] and (buffactive.March or buffactive.Haste or buffactive.Embrava or buffactive['Mighty Guard']))) and equipSet["HighHaste"] then
equipSet = equipSet["HighHaste"]

under your
function status_change(new,old)
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By Asura.Azagarth 2017-02-08 15:12:34
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Anyone have a High end (near perfect) apoc 4hit set, hovering around 1200 acc to share? Ideally one that also includes a very high amount of multi attack :D thanks!

I am finding from going to utu+niq ring, that 11 stp loss is impossible to find in my gear and I am guessing I am missing what I can realistically do. I would need 81 stp on tp set to have a 4 hit, after ws (which only has 5 stp ody legs). I dont want to add much stp in ws set as going up to 21 stp during ws you would still need 75 during tp phase and lose out on alot of dmg from said ws. This is what I am using now:
ItemSet 349386

With my augs it has 69 stp (not including mantle), As you can see I would be forced to use a stp mantle at this point and change my 36 acc 4 stp odys legs to my 27 acc 6 stp legs, which seems like it would work fine, but then I realize I drop a good chunk of acc and 10 DA. The set itself is starved atm for multi attack, only pulling in at 20 DA and 3 QA if I did that. Set also has 1195 acc.

At this point I am wondering if 4-hit is even worth it as you have to drop so much multi hit. For example this set would be 5 hit apoc (neat tidbit its also; 4hit with 2,8+ sams roll), pull 1211 acc and have 51 DA, 2 TA, 5 QA. I could make this with gear I got.
ItemSet 349389

between the 2 It really boils down to is

4hit VS 5hit + 31Da 2 TA 2 QA 16 acc

I am really thinking 4hit apoc just sint worth it at this point.... but its always been seen as the best option and I have no spreadsheet to check really... SOMEONE MAKE ONE PLZ!
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By Galkapryme 2019-12-28 00:12:41
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My STP set (81~85):

ItemSet 370423
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