Placeholder/Window NMs Time Lowered?

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Placeholder/Window NMs Time lowered?
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By Phoenix.Kabjr 2016-03-04 06:26:36
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Have they lowered all windoes on old NMs does anyone know? I heard a rumour but wasn't certain
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user: Smasher
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By Lakshmi.Konvict 2016-03-04 06:56:16
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That's correct. The majority of the NMs have been lowered except NMs like Tiamat, Vrtra, Jormy, DI, Sandworm. Other then that everything pops really quick.
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By Sylph.Shadowlina 2016-03-04 06:59:25
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Largely not true, NMs on Lottery spawn (Like the ones this post is about), have not had Place holder times shortened. (I think one NMs place holder is still on 16 minute respawn time). Only Time Spawned NMs have been adjusted.
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By Fenrir.Cherrywine 2016-03-04 13:57:04
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My understanding is that the only NMs with lowered timers are those in old zones, pre-COP.

Also, I believe it was the windows that were eliminated and not the pop times, themselves. For example, it might still take 16min for a placeholder or NM to pop, but once the NM has been popped, it or the placeholder could pop again immediately.

I hope this information is helpful.
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By darkwaffle 2016-03-04 14:22:04
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The windows for most non-major NMs in pre-CoP areas have been shortened. This means that for lottery NMs the placeholder can re-pop as the NM more quickly. And regular old timed NMs will simply appear more quickly.

I could be mistaken but I think some dungeon-type areas did have enemy respawn timers reduced at some point as well. Traditionally they were usually 12-16m (real time) but I swear some are 5m now that weren't before?

Also King Arthro is another exception that has not had his spawn timer reduced too. I had a lot of fun camping him last year when reforging was all the rage.

Useful information about the update in this post as well:
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