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Luck of the Draw: A Corsair Guide

Descendants of the dauntless pirates that once scourged the seas of the Near East, Corsairs rely on guns, swords, knives and elaborate luck-based abilities to alter the stakes of battle.

The Pirate's Life

So you've decided to become a Corsair?

Well put on your pirate hat and polish your blades, because we're about to guide you through everything it takes to become a COR worth his/her salt. Be warned, the job is isn't easy to gear, and is even harder to master. For those who do reach the top of the class, they'll become a veritable DPS juggernaut.

Happy Pirating!

About the Job

So what exactly can a Corsair do?

Corsairs have a place in virtually every situation. We can melee in close, shoot from distance, attack with physical, attack with magic, run really fast for quests, and oh yeah, we can buff pretty well too. Pet parties love us, mage parties love us, and DD's threaten to stay in their Mog Houses unless they get SAM roll. The world is our oyster!

A properly prepared and expertly geared COR is a DPS force to be reckoned with. We tend to be right at the heels of the strongest DD's on parse -- unless you're in Dynamis-Divergence, where the job is totally broken, and we tend to rule the roost.

Strengths Weaknesses
Lends useful support to any party setup and situation, Below-average natural magic evasion and survivability,
High DPS potential, especially strong for a support job, Markedly lower accuracy compared to pure DPS job classes,
Extremely versatile: wide variance in combat styles and damage types, Lack of enmity control abilities as a ranged DD can bottleneck DPS output,
Good low-man job thanks to ability to self-buff, Extremely inventory-intensive job,
High floor for new or returning players, Lower ceiling when compared to pure melee DPS classes.
Excellent fast-travel job for Missions/Quests,


Best overall physical ranged subjob. Fencer's TP-bonus directly boosts Last Stand damage. Berzerk and Warcry are massive sources of attack.
» Fencer I, Double Attack I, Attack Bonus I, Berzerk, Warcry
First choice for dual-wielding, particularly if closing skillchains with Leaden Salute. Box Step is handy. Waltzes add a bit of survivability in a pinch.
» Dual-Wield II, Skillchain Bonus I, Accuracy Bonus I, Subtle Blow II, Box Step, Reverse Flourish
White Mage
When your role is purely support, the best sub tends to be White Mage. Status cures, Reraise, and Curaga gives it the advantage over Red Mage.
» Cure III-IV, Curaga I-II, Status Cures, Raise, Reraise.
The lack of any real offensive traits hampers this sub, but Utsusemi is still essential to staying alive in some fights. Higher Dual Wield than DNC lends a bit of gearing flexibility.
» Dual-Wield III, Subtle Blow III, Utsusemi
For those times when managing hate leads to the best DPS... High Jump's -30% enmity is your oh sh*t life-saver. A nice sub for fighting Wyrms too.
» Accuracy Bonus I, Attack Bonus I, Conserve-TP I, Ancient Circle, High Jump
Dark Knight
A niche sub when fighting Arcana (Omen Caturae) or used to gain TP with an Occult Acumen build in select situations. Last Resort is a massive source of attack.
» Attack Bonus II, Occult Acumen I, Last Resort, Arcane Circle
A more offensive alternative to WHM at the cost of Cure IV, and also a useful solo subjob in certain situations.
» Storms, Cure I-III, Status Cures, Raise, Reraise, Sleep, Accession/Manifestation

There used to be a day when CORs had to resort to things like subbing RDM to cap Snapshot, or subbing RNG for more accuracy, but with gear and offhand weapons being so strong now, there's no need to make those kinds of compromises anymore.

It'll be really uncommon for you to have to sub anything outside of what's listed above.

Merit Points

Merits used to be set in stone, never to be touched again. But with the game tossing around limit points like candy, it's actually feasible to change your merits up to suit any situation.

Group 1 merits are pretty straight forward, but Group 2 forces us into some hard decisions.

Group 1
Phantom Roll Recast
Shorten recast time by 2 seconds.
Recommended 5/5
Nothing is more frustrating than waiting on PR recast. The 10-sec reduction is very handy.
Quick Draw Recast
Shorten recast time by 2 seconds.
Recommended 5/5
If you play in mage setups often and/or are in the habit of using QD for tp-gain, it's worth it to minimize recast.
Quick Draw Accuracy
Increase the accuracy of Quick Draw by 2.
Not recommended
With all the magic accuracy available on gear these days, +10 acc is a drop in the bucket.
Random Deal Recast
Shorten recast time by 40 seconds.
Normally not necessary, however, some longer fights outside of Escha (Master Trials, Tumult Curator) may call for 5/5 here.
Bust Duration
Shorten the duration of the Bust penalty by 10 seconds.
Not recommended
Roll carefully and merit Fold and you won't really have to worry about Bust duration.
Group 2
Snake Eye
Your next roll will automatically be a 1. Recast: 5min. When current roll is 5 or higher, increase chance of rolling an 11 by 10%.
Recommended 3/5
3/5 will give you 20% chance to automatically hit 11 -- 5/5 will give you 40%. It's generally not worth giving up Fold, Loaded Deck and/or Winning Streak to chase that extra 20%. If you're doing content where Winning Streak duration is superfluous, then 5/5 here may help your cause.
Erases one roll or bust effect. Targets self-cast effect with the longest remaining duration. Recast: 5min. Increase chance of resetting Phantom Roll recast timer by 10%.
Recommended 1/5
1/5 Fold is mandatory. You get increased chance of Phantom Roll timer reset with more merits, but who has time for that?
Winning Streak
Extends the duration of Phantom Roll effects. Increase duration of effect by 20 seconds.
Recommended 5/5
In most situations, longer rolls are desirable. Having to re-roll more often can be a DPS sink for yourself (and your teammates). Most high-level battles last for 15-20 minutes plus, so Winning Streak 5/5 can mean the difference between re-rolling once, or having to re-roll twice or more.
Loaded Deck
Focuses effect of Random Deal on abilities waiting on recast. Has a chance to fail if only one ability is waiting on recast. Reduce chance of failure by 10%.
Recommended 1/5
Takes some of the randomness out of Random Deal. Mandatory if you use Random Deal often. More merits in this would be nice, but there's not enough points to go around.

Job Points

COR gets a lot of pretty nifty JP categories that can really enhance what we're all about. It's wise to focus on buff/reset-related categories first -- the ranged attack categories are meaningful, but are less important in the scheme of things.

# Job Point Category 20/20 Effect
4 Wild Card Effect
Grants a Wild Card roll of V or higher a chance to reset Wild Card's recast time.
+20% chance Wild Card resets itself on use.
8 Cutting Cards Effect
Grants a Wild Card roll of V or higher a chance to reset Wild Card's recast time.
Reduces the recast time of applicable special abilities by 20%.
1 Phantom Roll Duration
Increases the effect duration of phantom rolls.
Increase roll duration by 0:40 seconds.
6 Bust Evasion
Grants a chance to avoid busting.
20% of the time you bust, you can avoid the status.
10 Quick Draw Effect
Increases magic damage dealt with Quick Draw.
+40 Magic Damage to Quick Draw.
7 Ammo Consumption
Grants a chance to avoid consuming ammunition.
+20% Recycle rate.
3 Random Deal Effect
Grants a chance to reset the reuse time of two job abilities when using Random Deal.
+40% chance two JA's will be reset.
5 Ranged Accuracy Bonus
Increase ranged accuracy.
+20 Ranged Accuracy.
2 Triple Shot Effect
Enhances Triple shot activation rate.
+20% Triple Shot.
9 Optimal Range
Enhances damage from sweet spot by 1.
+20 damage in sweetspot.

Unlike some other jobs, CORs don't get any job-altering JP gifts. 10% Snapshot and a bit of Quick Draw delay is about it, aside from the usual array of raw stat boosts:

Job Points Acc Att Snap Recycle Macc Mab Meva
550 » +13 +13 5% 4% +13 +5 +13
1200 » +23 +23 10% 6% +23 +9 +23
2100 » +36 +36 10% 8% +36 +14 +36

Phantom Roll

So here we go, the trademark thing that makes a COR a COR.

Phantom Roll is our method of buffing party members, but SE decided to wrap it up in a Black Jack mini-game for the sake of 'fun'. Get as close to XI on the dice without going over (you'll go over), in as many rolls as you want. Generally, the higher the dice value, the more potent the buff. To spice things up, there are specific Lucky and Unlucky numbers for each roll type that you'll either want to hit or avoid, and bonuses to rolls if their associated job class is in party.

Oh yeah, you can only have two rolls on at once. After like 15-years, BRDs still find that hilarious.

Phantom Roll Abilities

Phantom Roll
LEVEL 5 Grants a beneficial effect to party members within area of effect.
RECAST 00:01:00
lanun tricorne +3
Occasionally (~50%) triggers job-related bonus on rolls without the job present in party. Enhances Winning Streak effect by an additional 6 seconds per merit level.

LEVEL 5 Enhances an active Phantom Roll effect that is eligible for Double-Up.
RECAST 00:00:05

Phantom Roll is just the initial throw the dice. The recast is a bit annoying, but can be reduced through merits and some gear. There's also a really helpful way of cutting the recast in half, but we'll cover that in a later section.

Subsequent throws require the use of Double-Up. It's on a mercifully short timer, so SE threw us a bone there.

LEVEL 75 Erases one roll or bust effect. Targets self-cast effect with the longest remaining duration.
RECAST 00:05:00
lanun gants +3
Enhances Fold by allowing it to clear a second Phantom Roll or Bust 20% of the time per merit level.

Busting sucks. Really sucks. A bust has to be Folded, or it'll prevent you from using one of your roll slots. If you Double Bust without Fold up, then congratulations, take a seat, because you won't be doing any more buffing for quite a while.

There is a dirty little trick you can pull to wipe busts: logout and relog. Not always practical, but it's there if you really need it. Zoning also works.

Snake Eye
LEVEL 75 Your next roll will automatically be a 1.
RECAST 00:05:00
lanun trews +3
Gives Snake Eye a 4% chance of having no recast per merit level.

Finally, the part where we actually exert some control over all this randomness.

Snake Eye typically will force a I on your next Double-Up, but also has a chance of automatically hitting the XI jackpot on an initial value of V or more. More merits will increase the chances of that happening, yippee!

Step up toward Lucky Numbers, or away from Unlucky Ones. It's not rocket science.

It's typically a good idea to do your most important roll first in your cycle, since that is the only roll that is guaranteed the availability of Snake Eye and Fold.

Crooked Cards
LEVEL 95 Increases the effects of the next Phantom Roll (+20% effect).
RECAST 00:10:00

Crooked Cards is like the COR equivalent of Blaze of Glory and Marcato. Your next roll gets a 20% boost. Excellent when paired with %-buffs like Chaos Roll and Beast Roll.

Coincidentally, the recast of Crooked Cards almost matches our current max roll duration exactly, meaning that you theoretically should be able to maintain one of your rolls permanently in 20% bonus land (with a bit of rolling luck, of course).

Commonly Used Rolls

Lv Roll L U Effect/Notes
5 Corsair's Roll 5 9 Increases CP/EXP gain rate
Your CP/JP bread and butter roll.
11 Hunter's Roll 4 8 Increases Accuracy/Ranged Accuracy
Flat rate acc/racc increase.
14 Chaos Roll 4 8 Increases Attack/Ranged Attack
% effect makes this roll extremely valuable in all physical attack situations.
17 Magus's Roll 2 6 Increases Magic Defense
Handy for fights where your tank expects a magic-heavy assault.
23 Drachen Roll 4 8 Increases Pet: Accuracy/Ranged Accuracy
Valuable in pet setups, but like Hunter's is a flat rate increase.
34 Beast Roll 4 8 Increases Pet: Attack/Ranged Attack
Extremely valuable in pet setups, like Chaos is a % effect.
37 Samurai Roll 2 6 Increases Store-TP
One of COR's most unique and sought-after rolls. CP and endgame mainstay.
46 Warlock's Roll 4 8 Increases Magic Accuracy
The increase is relatively minor, but still a commonly asked for roll in magic attack situations.
55 Gallant's Roll 3 7 Increases Defense
% effect makes this roll valuable to put on your tank to reduce damage, therefore enmity loss.
58 Wizard's Roll 5 9 Increases Magic Attack
Valuable in magic attack situations/boosting magic WS damage.
70 Runeist's Roll 4 8 Increases Magic Evasion
Useful for certain NMs when negative status effects and magical AOE pose problems.
76 Bolter's Roll 3 9 Increases Movement Speed
The longest-lasting, most powerful fast travel spell/ability in the game.
86 Tactician's Roll 5 8 Grants Regain effect
Great to have on during downtime, or to increase WS frequency/Myrkr use.
89 Allies' Roll 3 10 Increases Skillchain Damage
Can greatly enhance DPS in multi-step skillchain situations.
92 Miser' Roll 5 7 Grants Save-TP Effect
Not as commonly used if there is only a single COR in alliance, but still special.

The Magic of XI's

Now this is where things get interesting (and a little bit advanced).

Something I put off mentioning before was that any time you have an active XI roll on you, you become immune to Busting, and your Phantom Roll timer gets halved. That means you can basically roll aggressively with no fear, and even purposely Bust to quickly redo a roll.

For that reason, XI's open up a world of handy tricks to roll more efficiently and effectively:

Things you can do with XI's
Pre-Rolling XI
Especially useful in Escha, where you can use all your JA's to get that initial XI, and then reset with a Super Revitalizer(s).
Get to zone/get to camp before everybody else, and put an XI on yourself before you start rolling for real on your party.
"Go for XI's"
People will think you've crazy, they might even accuse you of playing the job wrong, but having double XI's on you at all times may be worth the ridicule.
With your pre-rolled XI, you can now perform this most basic of XI tricks: keep rolling (and purposely busting if needed) until you get another XI -- can repeat infinitely as long as you maintain at least one active XI at all times.

If you're trying to do this mid-fight, move away if you're about to force a lower-probability Double-Up, so your party won't ever be left without active buffs.
Moving away and Busting
The fastest way to cover different party members with different rolls.
With an active XI, you can run to the tank and/or mages, do a separate roll on them, then run back and purposely bust that roll, then run to another group and roll on them, run away and bust, and then move to another group, etc. You get all the benefits of the active XI without the bother of trying to hit XI on any of those subsequent rolls.

Example: roll XI Samurai Roll on DDs, run over to the WHM hit him/her with a token whatever Evoker's Roll, run away and bust Evoker's, then roll Chaos on DDs. You just did three rolls in the time it takes most people to do two -- so pro.
Dropping and Busting
Useful for duplicating the same rolls across two or more parties.
A variation on the "Bust and Move", except you drop party and Bust before joining another party to redo the same roll. As long as you maintain your original XI, you can do this across as many parties, and for as many rolls as you want.

Example: roll Samurai Roll on Party #1, drop party, purposely Bust, join Party #2, roll Samurai Roll on Party #2, drop party, purposely bust, roll Chaos Roll on Party #1, etc.
Spacing out XI's
Useful for maintaining your never-ending streak of XI's.
It's good practice to space your rolls out in 5min intervals in longer fights so you'll always have Snake Eye available when it comes to reroll them, and to prevent both of your XI's from expiring at the same time. If you're doing content where you're not able to space rolls at the start of a fight (any instanced battle, like Ambuscade), you can strategically Fold one of your rolls after 5mins and reroll it to create that important separation.

As you can see, these are real time savers.

You can ask any alliance/party leader what their biggest pet peeve about CORs is, and they'll tell you it's that they take forever to get multiple sets of decent rolls up. Now you can be the exception to that rule!

Other Abilities

Ability Resets

Wild Card
LEVEL 1 Has a random effect on all party members within area of effect (effects include TP, MP, JA and SP restoration)
RECAST 01:00:00
lanun bottes +3
Gives an invisible re-roll if the initial roll lands on a 1 or 2.

Our signature SP ability, Wild Card is capable of doing a lot of things, depending on (you guessed it) a roll of the dice:

I-II Restores all non-SP abilities.
III Restores all non-SP abilities + 1000TP.
IV Restores all non-SP abilities + 3000TP.
V Restores all non-SP abilities + LVL1 SP abilities + 50% MP.
VI Restores ALL abilities + 100% MP.

A V or VI is able to reset abilities like Bolster, Astral Conduit, Mighty Strikes, Soul Voice, Tabula Rasa, etc, which can turn a tough fight in your favor in a hurry.

Hell, with Job Points, Wild Card can even reset itself. Just think about that!

Random Deal
LEVEL 50 Has the possibility of resetting the recast time of a random ability for party members within area of effect.
RECAST 00:20:00
lanun frac +3
Occasionally allows Random Deal to restore two used Job Abilities (~50% of the time). Enhances Loaded Deck effect by reducing the failure chance by an additional 10% per merit.

Random Deal is Wild Card's little brother. It can't reset SPs, and at most can only reset 1-2 abilities at a time, but you also don't have to wait an eternity to use it again.

RD can be used for mundane tasks like helping your buff routine along (resetting PR, Fold, Snake Eye, etc), cool things like maintaining full-time Triple Shot, to being integral to some high level battle strategies (Strategem resets come to mind).

The other great thing about RD is that you can reset it easily using Wild Card and/or Super Revitalizers, for a whole string of resets in a short time. It can get pretty ridiculous.

Note, you'll want to put at least one merit into Loaded Deck, or Random Deal could go off the hinges and try to target abilities that don't have timers ticking. If you're targeting a specific JA to reset, then it's best not to have too many other abilities on cooldown to maximize your chances of RD resetting the desired ability.

Cutting Cards
LEVEL 96 Decreases the recast times of party members' special abilities (single target, 5~50% reduction).
RECAST 01:00:00

Cutting Cards isn't technically a reset ability, but it does modify cooldowns on your SPs, so we'll file it here.

It tends to really be useful in very long fights (like Master Trials) -- otherwise it's much faster to do a group SP reset in Maze Mongers or Abyssea using Revitalizers.

Note, unlike all the other reset abilities, CC is single-target!

Quick Draw

Quick Draw
LEVEL 40 Shoot a bullet charged with the magical energy of an elemental card. Special items required.
RECAST 00:01:00
chasseur's bottes +1
Increases any elemental damage of the same element as the shot used by 25% for 10 seconds following the shot.

Quick Draw is one of the most overlooked and underused abilities in the COR repertoire. Everybody knows to roll their dice, and wave their guns around, but so few CORs really understand how big of a deal QD really is.

On the surface, QD seems pretty simple. You pair a card with a bullet to do a bit of elemental damage... and oh, you can also Sleep and Dispel monsters, too.

Fire Shot » Effect » Fire Elemental Damage.
Boosts » Burn
Ice Shot » Effect » Ice Elemental Damage.
Boosts » Frost, Paralyze, Jubaku
Wind Shot » Effect » Wind Elemental Damage.
Boosts » Choke
Earth Shot » Effect » Earth Elemental Damage.
Boosts » Rasp, Slow, Hojo
Thunder Shot » Effect » Thunder Elemental Damage.
Boosts » Shock
Water Shot » Effect » Water Elemental Damage.
Boosts » Drown, Poison, Dokumori
Light Shot » Effect » Light-Element Sleep.
Boosts » Dia
Dark Shot » Effect » Dark-Element Dispel.
Boosts » Bio, Blind, Kurayami

That's great, but why should I bother to use QD? I'm lazy, I don't want to stop TPing to pop any JA's, and you're now saying I have to carry Trump Cards around with me all the time? /fume

Well, here's why:

DAMAGE QD fires almost instantly, and its damage will bypass most forms of monster defense, even otherwise impenetrable shields. With the 60% bonus from Death Penalty, and enough MAB and AGI, QD damage can reach into 5-figures, which is WS territory.
TP GAIN QD also grants TP on hit, so if you're just shy of 1000TP to WS, you can shoot off a quick QD to make it over the finish line without having to wait for your next attack round. The TP returned from QD can be boosted with STP gear. QD doesn't give any TP to your target.
BOOST ENFEEBLES QD also can boost enfeebling spell potency (for certain spells active on the target) of the associated element. Follow Dia with Light Shot and you can boost its defense down effect by a further 3%. Likewise, Dark Shot following Bio will reduce monster attack by an additional 3%. Earth Shot following Slow will reduce monster attack speed by an additional 10% effect.
EMPY BONUS When paired with Empyrean feet, QD gives a 10-second-long window where the next attack that shares the QD shot's element gets a +25% damage bonus. For example, Fire Shot directly preceding Wildfire will result in a +25% damage boost to the WS. Very powerful stuff.

That's a lot of utility baked into one single ability, wouldn't you say?

Light Shot and Dark Shot are a bit complicated, tho. The QD effect has to land for the Empy damage bonus to kick in. Dark Shot > Leaden Salute won't work unless you can Dispel something from your target, and Light Shot > Trueflight won't work unless you can land Sleep on your target. The enfeebling boosting effect will always land, tho, even if you receive a 'Miss' (resist) message.

It's possible to cut down the recast of QD through JPs and some gear, so try to use it, and use it often.

Triple Shot

Triple Shot
LEVEL 87 Occasionally uses three units of ammunition to deal extra damage.
RECAST 00:01:00
chasseur's frac +1
Increases proc rate by 12%

Triple Shot is without a doubt COR's most devastating offensive ace in the hole.

With a strong TS set, and a 4-hit build, you can virtually WS non-stop for the duration of the ability -- it's pretty insane.

It's often possible to use reset abilities and Super Revitalizers to keep Triple Shot up full time -- multiple COR in party make that even easier to manage.


OK, lets talk shinies.

COR is one of those few jobs where being prepared with multiple weapons and weapon types can really pay off.

Depending on your formation, support and target, there are times when jumping into the melee is your best bet, and there are times when hanging back is the way to go. Daggers, Swords and Guns can cover a lot of different damage types and skillchain properties.


Gun Combat Skill: B
Death Penalty Mythic Weapon
Our infamous hand cannon. Leaden Salute (30% damage boost), Quick Draw Effect V, and the best MAB bullet available in the game. Nothing comes close to it in terms of magic damage.
Dispenses: living bullet.
Fomalhaut Aeonic Weapon
Strong general purpose contender. Highest available damage on gun. Best option for Last Stand (TP-bonus +500, Light Property). Unlocks Umbra/Radiance.
Dispenses: chrono bullet.
Armageddon Empyrean Weapon
Strongest white damage gun with AM3 up -- can be devastating. Strong Last Stand option. Best available accuracy gun.
Dispenses: devastating bullet.
Ataktos Trial of Magians weapon. Incredibly strong Savage Blade option (TP-bonus 1000), but at the cost of giving up iLvl in shooting. Becomes usable after the Anarchy +2 stage.
Molybdosis Dropped from Warder of Courage. High magic damage gun, great non-RMEA option for Wildfire and Leaden Salute.
Holliday Dropped from Reisenjima T2 Strophadia. Can be augmented with high damage and a variety of other useful stats to create a strong multi-use gun.
Doomsday Dropped from Alluvion Skirmish Cirdas, or purchased from Lorissa for 3 Mellindopt Wings. Can be turned into the 2nd-strongest magic damage gun with perfect augments.
compensator Dropped from Escha Ru'Aun T2 Amymone. Mostly used as a Phantom Roll macro piece, but Path B is a decent ranged accuracy option.
nibiru gun Dropped from Escha Zitah T2 Sensual Sandy. Low-end Last Stand option.
Deathlocke Available from Oboro in Port Jeuno. Low-end Wildfire/Leaden Salute option. Relatively easy to obtain, but likely not worth the cost in materials to make.


Sword Combat Skill: B-
Naegling Obtained and upgraded from Ambuscade. Savage Blade +15% further boosts an already strong WS. Also provides massive attack and accuracy boosts.
fettering blade Dropped from Dawn Phantom Gem. A wonderfully balanced, all-situations weapon that was tailor-made for the job.
hepatizon sapara +1 Crafted. High damage sword, with stats perfectly aligned with Savage Blade. Allows COR to use Swift Blade for an additional Gravitation WS option.
hepatizon rapier +1 Crafted. A strong option for when you want to use magic WS while meleeing for TP. Allows COR to use Swift Blade for an additional Gravitation WS option.
blurred sword +1 Crafted. Occasionally attacks twice, occasionally grants Haste on attack, and a nice dose of accuracy.
demersal degen +1 Dropped from UNM Bakunawa. Occasionally attacks twice, but no accuracy and relevant job stats. A nice 'free' offhand option.


Dagger Combat Skill: B+
Rostam Crafted. By far the most potent accuracy swap on COR, and only 269 skill level melee weapon. -DT effect with active rolls makes it extremely handy when building hybrid TP and idle sets. Augments will push this dagger into B.I.S. main hand for Evisceration (Path B), melee TP + Leaden spam (Path B) and ranged TP (Path A).
Tauret Obtained and upgraded from Ambuscade. Evisceration +50% is huge, since it carries across all hits. Accuracy and Attack, and final form grants bonus to Critical Hit Rate.
raetic kris +1 Crafted. Difficult to use (requires maintenance of MP buffs), but is a very powerful choice for Evisceration spamming.
blurred knife +1 Crafted. Occasionally attacks twice, a healthy helping of accuracy, and occasionally grants Haste on attack makes this one of the best off-hands when meleeing for TP.
kustawi +1 Dropped from UNM Glazemane. Packed full of relevant shooting stats, it's a common choice for attacking physically from range. NQ offhand is a good -enmity option.
Odium Dropped from Vagary Plouton. +13 in every stat category, along with a bit of accuracy, makes this a nice general purpose off-hand.
atoyac Dropped from WKR Tchakka . AGI plus occasionally attacks twice and magic attack bonus augments make this a fine offhand for Wildfire/Leaden Salute. Low item level negatively impacts accuracy, however.


Shield Combat Skill: n/a
Nusku shield Dropped from Omen Glassy Craver. One of the very few shields that COR can equip, and it's a good one.

Gear Sets

Corsair is one of the most armor-intensive jobs in the game. You've got to carry around all the stuff that a light armor melee job would, and all the stuff that a RNG would, a bunch of JA and roll-enhancing JSE, and some magic accuracy equipment on top of all that. It's really not for the faint of heart.

You might be thinking to yourself... wow, that's gonna be a lot of sets... do I really need to have all of this stuff? Yes, you really should, and we'll try to explain why.

DREAM TIER Reserved for those with deep pockets, a lot of patience, and a boat load of luck. Often involves RMEA, perfect (DM) augments, HQ crafted gear, and low probability drops. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
MID TIER Realistically obtainable pieces for those active in endgame. Augments are assumed to be within a reasonable range -- solid but not perfect.
ENTRY LEVEL Entry point into higher level content for returnees and new players. We've been careful to only include items that can be solo'd or purchased from the Auction House. Consider it the next step after Sparks gear.

Phantom Roll Sets

This is the one you work on first. Without at least +5 rolling capability, and ~8min duration, you won't be pulling your weight.

It is possible to have a set that packs both max potency and max duration: +8 potency and max duration requires Regal Necklace from Omen boss Ou, and Rostam Path C. +7 potency and 9:50 duration is available from just the necklace.

Filling in the remaining slots with -DT and -MDT (-PDT to a lesser extent) gear is a good idea -- there is nothing more embarrassing than running in to roll and ending up dead. #SadPirate.

Phantom Roll Sets
ItemSet 355063 ItemSet 355064
* 5/5 Winning Streak Merits and 20/20 Phantom Roll Duration Job Gifts.

Roll potency values are not additive. The highest value takes precedent.
• Rostam: Path C
• Herc: -DT
• Desultor: ability delay -5
• Cape: INT/Meva
• Desultor: ability delay -5
• Cape: INT/Meva

Lanun Tricorne only needs to be 109 to receive max job bonus potency, although the upgraded versions will offer superior Meva.

Ranged TP Sets

Accuracy and x-hit are your highest priorities here. A COR that can nail down a 3-4 hit build is a veritable WS-machine -- swap in enough STP (accounting for Samurai's Roll) to reach those x-hit targets. With Triple Shot up, you should reasonably expect to be able to WS after every single shot.

Boosting white damage is a distant second to WS-frequency, unless you are an Armageddon user and in a situation where maintaining AM3 is practical.

The Snapshot cap is 70%, and don't forget we get 10% of that from job points.

Preshot Sets
ItemSet 356847 ItemSet 356858 ItemSet 356859 ItemSet 356860
• Taeon: Snapshot/Snapshot
• Cape: Snapshot
• Taeon: Snapshot/Snapshot
• Adhemar: Path D
• Cape: Snapshot
• Adhemar: Path D
• Pursuer's: Path D
• Cape: Snapshot
• Taeon: Snapshot/Snapshot

Midshot TP Sets
ItemSet 356894 ItemSet 356861 ItemSet 356895 ItemSet 356862
• Rostam: Path A
• Adhemar: Path C
• Adhemar Feet: Path D
• Cape: AGI/Racc/STP
• Adhemar: Path C
• Herc: AGI/Racc
• Cape: AGI/Racc/STP

Critical/Empyrean AM3 TP Sets
ItemSet 356912 ItemSet 356880 ItemSet 356913 ItemSet 356863
• Cape: AGI/Racc/CritRt • Cape: AGI/Racc/CritRt

Triple Shot/Accuracy/Enmity Swaps
ItemSet 356892 ItemSet 356893 ItemSet 356914 ItemSet 356973
• Cape: AGI/Racc/STP • Cape: AGI/Racc/STP • Adhemar: Path C
• Cape: AGI/Racc/STP/-Enm

Ranged Weapon Skill Sets

Your most powerful WS should be Leaden Salute, but it won't always be practical to use it. Dark affinity ("Dark Elemental Magic Atk. Bonus") will outperform raw MAB and AGI by a country mile here, and the WS scales massively with TP overflow.

You won't end up using Wildfire that often, but it's still useful if you run into an enemy with dark elemental resistance, or you want to be able to self-Darkness. There is no benefit to DPS for any TP overflow, so go as soon as you get 1000TP. Don't forget that Fire Shot will give it a +25% boost.

Last Stand is a physical 2-hit WS, with damage being very reliant on landing both hits. WSD, AGI and ranged attack are good additions once you're sure you've got accuracy capped. Last Stand will be your bread and butter for most of current endgame, so prioritize it first, even though Leaden seems sexier. The main drawback of Last Stand is enmity accumulation -- with COR's lack of hate management tools, swapping in -enmity gear into your Last Stand sets may be a wise move at times.

The following sets assume that you're ranged TP'ing. If meleeing for TP, then main and sub will favor Rostam/Lanun Path B and or Blurred Knife +1.

Leaden Salute Sets
ItemSet 357347 ItemSet 355028 ItemSet 355020 ItemSet 355021
• Rostam: Path A
• Cape: AGI/MDmg/WSD
• Carmine: Path D
• Cape: AGI/MDmg/WSD
• Doomsday: AGI/MAB/WSD
• Taeon: AGI or WSD/MAB
• Pursuer's: Path A

Wildfire Sets
ItemSet 357491 ItemSet 355022 ItemSet 355023 ItemSet 355021
• Cape: AGI/MDmg/WSD
• Carmine: Path D
• Cape: AGI/MDmg/WSD
• Doomsday: AGI/MAB/WSD
• Taeon: AGI or WSD/MAB
• Pursuer's: Path A

Last Stand Sets
ItemSet 357137 ItemSet 356839 ItemSet 356840 ItemSet 356841
• Rostam: Path A
• Herc: AGI/RAtt/RAcc/WSD
• Cape: AGI/RAtt/RAcc/WSD
• Herc: AGI/RAtt/RAcc/WSD
• Cape: AGI/RAtt/RAcc/WSD
• Nibiru: Path C

Melee TP Sets

A lot of people will go into this looking for a single melee set, and that just won't do. Haste buffs are often fluid and you really can't rely on your support to maintain them 100%,or expect your targets not to Dispel them from time to time. Therefore, it's really important to maintain several different TP sets at varying levels of magic haste. If you want the nitty-gritty details about attack delay reduction and how that relates to Dual Wield and haste, BGWiki has a nice post that covers just about everything.

Once you are capped out on delay reduction, it's just a matter of swapping in as much acc and STP as you need to maximize your WS-frequency.

Last, but not least... hybrid sets. Everybody promises to make/use them, most of the game population doesn't, and all the dead bodies (and the sorrowful faces of our abused backline healers) can attest to that. Make them, use them. Repeat after me: a dead COR does no DPS, a dead COR does no DPS...

45%/Max Magic Haste (36% Dual Wield needed)
ItemSet 356867 ItemSet 356866 ItemSet 356868 ItemSet 356869
• Adhemar: Path A or B
• Herc DEX/Acc/TA
• Cape (/DNC): DEX/Acc/DW
• Cape (/NIN): DEX/Acc/DA
• Adhemar: Path A or B
• Herc DEX/Acc/TA
• Cape (/DNC): DEX/Acc/DW
• Cape (/NIN): DEX/Acc/DA
• Rawhide: Path D
• Taeon: DEX/Acc/DW or TA
• Carmine: Path D

30%/Mid Magic Haste (56% Dual Wield needed)
ItemSet 356873 ItemSet 356874 ItemSet 356875 ItemSet 356881
• Adhemar: Path A or B
• Cape (/DNC): DEX/Acc/DW
• Cape (/NIN): DEX/Acc/DA
• Taeon: DEX/Acc/DW
• Adhemar: Path A or B
• Cape (/DNC): DEX/Acc/DW
• Cape (/NIN): DEX/Acc/DA
• Taeon: DEX/Acc/DW or TA
• Taeon: DEX/Acc/DW

15%/Low Magic Haste (67% Dual Wield needed)
ItemSet 356876 ItemSet 356877 ItemSet 356875 ItemSet 356881
• Adhemar: Path A or B
• Cape (/DNC): DEX/Acc/DW
• Cape (/NIN): DEX/Acc/DA
• Carmine: Path D
• Taeon: DEX/Acc/DW
• Adhemar: Path A or B
• Cape (/DNC): DEX/Acc/DW
• Cape (/NIN): DEX/Acc/DA
• Carmine: Path D
• Taeon: DEX/Acc/DW
• Taeon: DEX/Acc/DW

No Magic Haste (74% Dual Wield needed)
ItemSet 356878 ItemSet 356879 ItemSet 356875 ItemSet 356881
• Herc: DEX/Acc/DW
• Adhemar: Path A or B
• Cape (/DNC): DEX/Acc/DW
• Cape (/NIN): DEX/Acc/DA
• Carmine: Path D
• Taeon: DEX/Acc/DW
• Herc: DEX/Acc/DW
• Adhemar: Path A or B
• Cape (/DNC): DEX/Acc/DW
• Cape (/NIN): DEX/Acc/DA
• Carmine: Path D
• Taeon: DEX/Acc/DW
• Taeon: DEX/Acc/DW

Single Wield
ItemSet 356882 ItemSet 356883 ItemSet 356884 ItemSet 356869
• Adhemar: Path A or B
• Herc DEX/Acc/TA
• Cape: DEX/Acc/DA
• Carmine: Path D
• Adhemar: Path A or B
• Herc DEX/Acc/TA
• Cape: DEX/Acc/DA
• Carmine: Path D
• Taeon: DEX/Acc/TA • Carmine: Path D

Accuracy & Hybrid Swaps
ItemSet 356886 ItemSet 356887 ItemSet 356890
• Carmine: Path D • Adhemar: Path D
• Herc: DEX/Acc/-DT

Melee Weapon Skill Sets

There's no getting around it: Savage Blade is OP. In any situation where physical damage is preferred, and Fragmentation is a fit, it's extremely hard to beat the sheer tidal wave of damage that is Savage Blade spam. Savage scales beautifully with TP, reaching stupid heights at 2000TP+, making Moonshade and Ataktos invaluable.

Requiescat is pretty pathetic in comparison, but it has a niche due to its special non-magic/non-physical damage type. The WS receives a substantial attack-penalty, so attack is king here. The WS is already 5-attacks long (out of a possible maximum of 8), so even though fTP transfers, there's no need to go ham on multi-attack. Boosting MND at the cost of Attack (and STR) is no bueno.

Evisceration is a COR's best physical/piercing/Gravitation WS. Like Requiescat, it's already 5-hits, so stacking multi-attack isn't as beneficial as going heavy into critical hit rate, critical hit damage and DEX. TP-overflow increases critical hit rate substantially, so it doesn't hurt to hold TP in SC situations.

Aeolian Edge is COR's best option for AOE cleaving. Very useful to eliminate groups of fodder mobs in Omen, Delve or Escha CP pts. Also very useful for creating multi-step Darkness w/ Leaden (Leaden Salute > Aeolian Edge > Leaden Salute).

Savage Blade Sets
ItemSet 356928 ItemSet 355024 ItemSet 355027 ItemSet 355059
• Herc: STR/Att/Acc/WSD
• Cape: STR/Att/Acc/WSD
• Herc: STR/Att/Acc/WSD
• Cape: STR/Att/Acc/WSD

Requiescat Sets
ItemSet 356922 ItemSet 356923 ItemSet 356925 ItemSet 356926
• Adhemar: Path B
• Herc: STR/Att/Acc/TA
• Cape: MND/Att/Acc/DA
• Adhemar: Path B
• Cape: MND/Att/Acc/DA

Evisceration Sets
ItemSet 356929 ItemSet 356842 ItemSet 356843 ItemSet 356844
• Rostam: Path B
• Adhemar: Path B
• Herc: DEX/Att/Acc/CritDmg
• Cape: DEX/Att/Acc/DA
• Adhemar: Path B
• Herc: DEX/Att/Acc/CritDmg
• Cape: DEX/Att/Acc/DA

Aeolian Edge Sets
ItemSet 356974 ItemSet 356975 ItemSet 356976 ItemSet 355021
• Rostam: Path B
• Herc: MAB/WSD
• Cape: INT/MDmg/WSD
• Herc: MAB/WSD
• Cape: INT/MDmg/WSD
• Taeon: WSD/MAB
• Pursuer's: Path A

Quick Draw Sets

You'll need at least two sets to cover all of QD's utility: a pure damage set and a magic accuracy set to land Light/Dark Shots. If you have space, an STP set to use QD as a insta-free TP source is worth the investment.

There are several pieces of JSE labeled with "Quick Draw +X", but only the Chasseur's Feet give the +25% elemental bonus. The Laksamana pieces only give an additive damage increase, so MAB options will outperform them. The set bonus on Chasseur's is not worth chasing due to the low proc rate.

A note on QD recast: reduction from JP 550 gift and gear is capped at -10. An additional -10 is also available from Merits.

Quick Draw Sets
ItemSet 356986 ItemSet 356987 ItemSet 356988 ItemSet 356989
• Herc: AGI/Macc/MAB
• Carmine: Path D
• Cape: AGI/Macc/MAB
• Herc: AGI/Macc/MAB
• Cape: AGI/Macc/MAB
• Taeon: AGI/Macc/MAB
• Pursuer's: Path A
• Blood: QD Ability Delay
• Mirke: QD Ability Delay
ItemSet 357009 ItemSet 357011 ItemSet 357010 ItemSet 357012
• Cape: AGI/MDmg/STP/MAB • Cape: AGI/MDmg/STP/MAB • Rostam: Path A
• Cape: AGI/MDmg/STP/MAB

Idle Sets

Strong idle sets are particularly important for COR. Not only do we have no native defense/evasion traits, but we tend to wander around the battlefield, in and out of AOE range. We're also much more likely to pull hate than our RNG friends when pewing. A solid idle set is a life saver.

The Meva set is particularly useful, since most of the AOE in current endgame is magic-based.

Idle Sets
ItemSet 357020 ItemSet 357016 ItemSet 357017 ItemSet 357089
• Herc: -4DT • Cape: INT/Meva

Regen/Refresh Sets
ItemSet 357014 ItemSet 357015
• Cape: INT/Meva/Regen • Rawhide Trousers: Path D

Casting Sets

Casting Sets
ItemSet 357022 ItemSet 357023 ItemSet 357024 ItemSet 357027
• Carmine: D
• Taeon: FC
• Herc: FC
• Cape: FC
• Carmine: D
• Herc: FC
• Cape: FC
• Doomsday: Cure Potency
• Taeon: Cure Potency
• Cape: MND/Cure Potency
• Herc: Waltz Potency
• Cape: CHR/Waltz Potency

Ambuscade Capes

At the minimum, a fully-functioning COR should expect to carry about 6 capes. A hardcore COR will carry upwards of 8-10+, depending on just how certifiably insane they are.

Resin augments are up to your discretion. -PDT 10% (-MDT is easier to cap with Shell V than -PDT) and Magic Evasion +15 tend to be the most useful.

Phantom Roll/Snapshot/Meva Cape

Last Stand/Entry-Level Leaden/WF WS Cape

Savage Blade WS Cape

Melee TP Cape (Dual-Wield)

Ranged TP Cape

Leaden Salute/Wildfire WS Cape

Melee TP Cape (DA)/Evisceration WS Cape

Critical Ranged TP

Quick Draw TP Cape

Fast Cast Cape

Mission/Quest Rewards

You may have noticed that we've purposely left Adoulin rings out our sets. Of course, the main reason is that we understand that people will be deciding on a ring based on an array of factors, not just a single job. If COR were your only consideration, we might suggest Karieyh for most players due to how nice it is for Savage.

Reward Notes
CHAINS OF PROMATHIA rajas ring The only option. STP 5 in the ring slot is still close to B.I.S. Great for early leveling/questing.
WINGS OF THE GODDESS moonshade earring Many COR WSs benefit from TP-overflow, so this really is a must have.
Augments: Att/TP-Bonus or MAB/TP-Bonus
SEEKERS OF ADOULIN Haverton ring Highest Racc ring available. Snapshot and Dualwield in ring slot add a bit of gearing flexibility.
Karieyh ring One of only two sources for WSD in the ring slot -- nice for Savage Blade, and a nice swap for many WS in att/acc-capped situations.
Weatherspoon ring Highest Macc and FC available in the ring slot. Light affinity not so useful on COR, but if you also play RNG, it's great for Trueflight.
A SHANTOTTO ASCENSION desultor tassets Shortening PR recast is really nice, especially when you have the XI bonus active.
Augments: Phantom Roll ability delay -5
A CRYSTALLINE PROPHECY mirke wardecors -5 QD job ability delay if you don't own a Blood Mask. Great for applying Empy bonus and upgrading enfeeble effects.
Augments: Quick Draw ability delay -5

Dark Matter

You may also have noticed that we haven't included any DM-type augments in our sets as well. The most obvious reason being that DM augments are notoriously random. The second being that if we allowed for DM, then most sets would just be full-Herc with DM augments, and that wouldn't be so helpful.

Now, when deciding whether or not something you get from DM beats our Dream Tier suggestions can be a bit tricky. WSD +7~10 generally will be an upgrade for Savage/Leaden/WF in most slots. A DM cap-breaking AGI + MAB may beat a lesser WSD roll in most slots for Leaden. If two rolls are pretty close, you may have to consult a spreadsheet or damage sim/calc to make the call.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the best gun for COR right now?
A: If you're only going to go after a single gun, the best all-around performer is Fomalhaut. It's either #1 or #2 for all of our WSs, and is tops in the TP-phase. Dispenses the most useful bullet as well.
Q: Does Phantom Roll+ on Regal Necklace, Barataria Ring and Merirosvo Ring stack?
A: No. The highest value will take precedent.
Q: Is it faster to build TP melee or ranged?
A: If you have full haste support, and it's safe to melee (see below), then generally melee TP will be faster. The lone exception being ranged TP under Triple Shot.
Q: When is it safe to melee for TP?
A: First, take into account your target. Are there dangerous AoE/auras to deal with? Dispels and statuses? Will your additional TP-feed put the group in increased danger?

Then consider your party. Can your healer afford to cover an additional body? Is your party better off with you staying back to provide additional support/curing? Will adding your WS to the mix interfere with any existing/possible skillchain damage?

There are so many factors that go into whether or not you should melee, so in the end, you'll have to make that calculation for yourself -- but remember to always consider your target and your party first.
Q: What is the Snapshot cap?
A: 70%. Flurry, gifts, gear bonuses and traits all contribute to this total.
Q: Is Snapshot more important than Rapid Shot?
A: Pursue Snapshot to the 70% cap first, since it's a constant reduction to your aiming delay. Then add as much rapid shot as you can on top of that.
Q: Does the QD bonus from Chasseur's Bottes still proc if a 'miss' or 'no effect' is given on Dark Shot and Light Shot?
A: No, the Sleep or Dispel effect must land for the Empy bonus to trigger. The enfeebling magic boost will still take effect on a 'miss', however.
Q: Why aren't you using Fotia for ____ WS? Isn't +10% WSD better than everything else?
A: Actually no, Fotia is mislabeled. It's +0.1 fTP, which turns out to be a lot less than 10% on WS with high fTP values like Leaden and Savage Blade. For WSs with fTP-carry (Evisceration) and lower fTP value WSs (Requiescat), Fotia will be the way to go.
Q: Which pieces of Artifact, Relic and Empyrean armor do I need to collect/reforge?
A: All of them. (Not kidding)
Q: I followed the sets in the guide, but my Last Stand damage is low!
A: Last Stand is extremely sensitive to ranged attack from gear and buffs. If you're underbuffed (no GEO, no Chaos Roll, etc) then you might want to consider swapping more WSD pieces for RAtt gear. If you have attack buffs and it's still low, you might be missing one out of the two shots, halving your damage -- then put on more RAcc.


Looking for that little extra oomph? No worries, there's a dish for every occasion. Of course, there are also HQ variants for those with more discerning palates, but we recommend steering clear unless you're truly craving that extra duration.

Food Dur. Notes
Altana's repast
• STR+10,
• DEX+10,
• VIT+10,
• AGI+10,
• INT+10,
• MND+10,
• CHR+10,
• Accuracy+70,
• Attack+70,
• R. Accuracy+70,
• R. Attack+70,
• M. Accuracy+70,
• "M. Atk. Bonus"+10,
• "M. Def. Bonus"+3,
• Evasion+70,
• DEF+70,
• M. Evasion+70,
• "Store TP"+6
180 The ultimate food -- provided you can find somebody who can make it.
marine stewpot
• HP +90,
• Accuracy +90,
• Ranged Accuracy +90,
• Magic Accuracy +90
180 AOE! Acc, Racc, Macc helps with every aspect of COR. HP is the cherry on top.
bowl of riverfin soup
• Accuracy +14% (Cap: 90),
• Ranged Accuracy +14% (Cap: 90),
• Attack +18% (Cap: 80),
• Ranged Attack +18% (Cap: 80),
• Amorph Killer +5
180 For a balance of both acc and att, there's no better option.
plate of sublime sushi
• HP +40,
• MP +20,
• STR +6,
• DEX +7,
• MND -3,
• CHR +6,
• Accuracy +10% (Cap: 100),
• Ranged Accuracy +10% (Cap: 100),
• Resist Sleep +1
30 CORs need acc. Sushi packs a ton of acc. All CORs should learn to love sushi.
pork cutlet rice bowl
• HP +60,
• MP +60,
• STR +7,
• VIT +3,
• AGI +5,
• INT -7,
• Attack +23% (Cap:125),
• Ranged Attack +23% (Cap: 125),
• Store TP +4,
• Element: Fire +20
180 A bit hard to find, but probably our top food when attack is uncapped. Great WS stats, and more attack than pasta.
dish of spaghetti carbonara
• HP +14% (Cap: 175 @ 1249 Base HP),
• MP +10,
• INT -3,
• STR +4,
• VIT +2,
• Attack +17% (Cap: 65 @ 361 Base Attack),
• Store TP +6
30 Att and STP, two things that all acc-capped CORs can't get enough of. HP is a nice addition. Available from Curio Moogle. Arrabbiata is an upgrade, but isn't as readily available.
cehuetzi snow cone
• MP +20% (Cap: 100),
• INT +5,
• MND +5,
• Magic Attack Bonus +13,
• Lizard Killer +5
30 Gives a little added kick to your magic WSs.
pear crepe
• INT +2,
• Magic Accuracy +20% (Cap: 45),
• Magic Defense Bonus +1,
• MP Recovered While Healing +2
30 Good, cheap Macc food. Available from Curio Moogle.
bowl of miso ramen
• HP +100,
• STR +5,
• VIT +5,
• DEF +10% (Cap: 170),
• "Magic Def. Bonus"+5,
• Magic Evasion +10% (Cap: 50),
• "Resist Slow" +10
30 For those fights where you expect an unavoidable AOE onslaught. Survival is delicious.



This guide was put together by your favorite pirates Afania and Arislan. It's been something we've both been meaning to do for a long time, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed putting it together.

Special thanks to Eightball and Tomlaps for being kind enough to proofread our work, and knowledgeable enough to catch our (many) mistakes. And a big thanks to Chiaia for maintaining the spreadsheet.

[ Last Update: March 13, 2019 ]

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Collaborators: Afania
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