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Paladin Guide

~First and Final Line of Defense v2.0~

Updated: 04/03/2018

Paladins (PLD) specialize in close-range combat, just like Warriors. However, through long hours of spiritual training, paladins have acquired the ability to cast White Magic spells, making them even more valuable on the battlefield. Through the use of Shield Mastery and the ability to wear the heaviest armor in the game, Paladin fills its niche as a tank specialist.

Available after completing the quests A Squire's Test, A Squire's Test II, and A Knight's Test.

PLDs needed a new thread with an updated front page of gear sets since the old thread here is no longer updated.

Enmity and You!

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Now, I'm not going to go into a whole a lot about Enmity this and that because I feel like it can be much better explained by giving you a link to anything and everything Enmity related. I strongly suggest learning how Enmity works as without it you're just a sub-par DD that no one wants.


Job Abilities

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Level 1: Invincible - Grants immunity to all physical attacks for 30 seconds. Recast 1 hour

*Extends the duration of Invincible by 10 seconds when activated while equipped

Level 5: Holy Circle - Grants resistance against undead to party members within area of effect for 3 minutes. Recast 5 minutes

*Increases effect duration by 50% and increases potency by 2%.

Level 15: Shield Bash - Delivers an attack that can stun the target. Shield required. Recast 3 minutes
ItemSet 333733

Level 30: Sentinel - Reduces physical damage taken and increases enmity for 30 seconds. Recast 5 minutes

*Begins damage reduction at -103% PDT instead of -90%
*Enhances Guardian effect by increasing Sentinel's duration by 2 seconds per merit level.

Level 35: Cover - Allows you to protect party members by placing yourself between them and the enemy for 15 seconds. Recast 3 minutes

*Redirects magic attacks targeting the Covered player to yourself. (Cover duration +9)

*Converts 35% of damage taken during Cover to MP.

Level 62: Rampart - Grants a Magic Shield effect and enhances defense for party members within area of effect for 30 seconds. Recast 5 minutes

*Enhance Rampart duration by 30 seconds.
*Enhances Iron Will effect by giving Rampart +3% Fast Cast per merit level.

Level 75: Fealty (Merit) - This ability allows a PLD to resist not only enfeebling magic, but also added effects from monster TP moves, Charm, and some forms of non-elemental damage like Meteor for 1 minute. Recast 10 minutes

*Enhances Fealty effect by adding 4 seconds duration per merit level.

Level 75: Chivalry (Merit) - Converts TP to MP. Recast 10 minutes
Formula: MP recovered = TP×0.5 + TP×0.015×MND

*Increases TP×0.5 to TP×1.0

Level 78: Divine Emblem - Enhances the accuracy of your next divine magic spell and increases enmity for 1 minute or the next spell you cast. Recast 10 minutes

*Increases the Enmity modifier of Divine Emblem to 60%

Level 87: Sepulcher - Lowers accuracy, evasion, magic accuracy, magic evasion and TP gain for undead for 3 minutes. Recast 5 minutes

Level 95: Palisade - Increases chance of blocking with shield, and eliminates enmity loss for 1 minute. Recast 5 minutes

Level 96: Intervene - Strikes the target with your shield and decreases its attack and accuracy for 30 seconds. Recast 1 hour

Job Traits

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Level 5: Undead Killer - Gives you an edge when fighting undead.

Level 10, 30, 50, 70, 76, & 91: Defense Bonus VI - Improves defense against physical attacks.

Level 20, 40, 60, 75, & 86: Resist Sleep V - Increases resistance against sleep.

Level 25, 50, 75, & 96: Shield Mastery IV - Grants bonus TP when blocking an attack with a shield. Also prevents spell interruption.

Level 35: Auto-Refresh - Restores 1 MP a tic.

Level 75: Iron Will (Merit) - Adds a spell interruption down effect to Rampart.

Level 75: Guardian (Merit) - Reduces enmity loss while using Sentinel.

Level 77, 84, & 91: Shield Defense Bonus III - Reduces damage taken when blocking an attack with a shield.

Level 79 & 99: Critical Defense Bonus II - Improves defense against critical hits.

Group 1
Shield Bash Recast: Shorten recast time by 6 seconds per merit.
*I would 5/5 this one. Free stun in those life threatening moments where it's critical your cure doesn't get interrupted and if you have Aegis that's an extra 400+ damage every 2m:30s.

Holy Circle Recast: Shorten recast time by 10 seconds per merit.
*Until SE makes an event that's nothing but undead it's best to leave this alone. Even then, it still won't be worth it~

Sentinel Recast: Shorten recast by 10 seconds per merit.
*Personal preference but I went 5/5 on this. Sentinel is a life saver and your go to JA before pulling a large group of mobs or DM II super tanking so you don't get owned while trying to setup the mobs properly.

Cover Effect Length: Lengthen time of effect by 4 seconds per merit.
*With the way events are currently played Cover is not used enough to warrant throwing merit into it. Not only that, you can make a Cover set to maximize your duration.

Rampart Recast: Shorten recast time by 10 seconds per merit.
*Again, it depends on your preference and play style whether or not to 5/5 Rampart or split them between Rampart and Sentinel.

Group 2
Fealty: Grants a powerful resistance to enfeebling magic.
*I would 4/5 this one. Combined with Caballarius Surcoat you get a whopping 1m:20s of resistance from enfeebling, added effects from TP moves, Charm and Meteor effects.

Chivalry: Converts TP to MP.
*Not as useful as it once was because of the mass amounts of refresh gear and the much larger MP pool we have. We're much more efficient with our MP than ever. However, I recommend putting at least 1 merit into this. If used with a Chivalry set and 3000 TP you can usually recap MP with ease.

Iron Will: Adds a spell interruption down effect to Rampart.
*Completely useless! With Shield Mastery and PLD's crazy block rate you shouldn't have much trouble getting your spells to fire off.

Guardian: Reduces enmity loss while using Sentinel.
*I recommend putting your last 5 merits into this. What more could a PLD ask for? Reducing your enmity loss while Sentinel is up; and you can use Sentinel every 4m:10s if 5/5 it as well!

Job Points

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Invincible Effect: Increases the amount of static enmity accrued from activating invincible. Increase static enmity by 100 per upgrade.

Intervene Effect: Increases damage dealt when using intervene. Increase damage dealt by 2 percent per upgrade.

Holy Circle Effect: Reduces the amount of damage taken from undead while under the effects of Holy Circle. Reduce damage taken by 1 per upgrade.

Sentinel Effect: Increases enmity while under the effects of Sentinel. Increase enmity by 1 per upgrade.

Shield Bash Effect: Increases damage dealt with Shield Bash. Increase damage dealt by 10 per upgrade.

Cover Duration: Increases the effect duration of Cover. Increase effect duration by 1 second per upgrade.

Divine Emblem Effect: Increases divine magic damage while under the effects of Divine Emblem. Increase magic damage by 2 per upgrade.

Sepulcher Duration: Increases the effect duration of Sepulcher. Increase effect duration by 1 second per upgrade.

Palisade Effect: Increases chance of blocking with shield while under the effects of Palisade. Increases chance by 1 percent per upgrade.

Enlight Effect: Increases additional light damage and physical accuracy while under the effects of Enlight. Increases additional damage by 1 and physical accuracy by 1.
**Max out everything, period!

Combat Skills

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Skill Rank Cap
Divine B+ 404
Healing C 373
Enhancing D 334
- - -
Evasion C 373
Parrying C 373
Shield A+ 424
- - -
Sword A+ 424
Club A- 417
Staff A- 417
Great Sword B 398
Dagger C- 368
Polearm E 300

Weapons & Shields

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*The all mighty, Burtgang! Every career PLD needs to have one of these bad boys. It pairs as one of the best utility pieces a PLD can equip and the strongest DPS if you can maintain Aftermath Lv. 3. The -18% PDT II breaks the current PDT cap giving you a massive -68% PDT.

*The Excalibur, the easiest to obtain REM weapon and the one that most PLDs turn to.

*Fun to play with if you can maintain the aftermath and very cool looking. Still lags behind Burtgang and Excalibur however.

*This will most likely be your first sword. It's the easiest to obtain and a very good one for an up and coming PLD.

*Weapon Damage +19
*Accuracy & Attack +15
*Double Attack +6
*With the above perfect augments this sword may very well be #1 in DPS if you can not maintain Aftermath Lv.3 on Burtgang.

*The shield every PLD wants and needs. Ochain has a near 100% block rate which makes for an amazing damage reduction for physical damage piece. You don't need to take it to 99; 90 will suffice unless you have a lot of gil to throw at it and that's what makes you happy~

*The relic counter part to the Ochain except it has an amazing damage reduction for magic! The Magic Dmg. Taken II -50% allows you to surpass the hardcap of -50% MDT for a total of -87.5% MDT. Any serious PLD will have both the Aegis and Ochain in their arsenal.

*Basically, if you don't have or don't want an Aegis/Ochain you should have this. Even if you have the above two, Priwen, when combined with Reprisal becomes comparable to Ochain on mobs of iLvl 126+ only as long as Reprisal is up. Even with Reprisal up however, the block rate is still sub-par compared to Ochain. So if you can get your hands on an Ochain, do it!

Melee Sets

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Set Description
TP Low ACC:ItemSet 333750
  • All Acro pieces: ACC/ATK +20 | DA+3% | Crit.Hit Rate +3%

  • Otomi Helm: STR+8 & Haste +2

  • IF you are able to maintain Aftermath Level 3 on Burtgang then STP+6 on all acro pieces becomes the higher DPS

TP Max ACC:ItemSet 333801
  • Eschite Cuisses: Path B

  • Acro Head/Body/Hands/Feet: DEX+10 | ACC+25 | DA+3%

  • This set is designed to be a guideline for gear to switch in depending on how much ACC you need

Weapon Skill Sets

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Set Description
Savage Blade:ItemSet 333798
  • All Lustratio: Path A

  • Moonshade Earring: ATK/TP Bonus

  • 5/5 Lustratio Armor Set +1 = +10% WSD

Chant du Cygne:ItemSet 333797
  • All Lustratio: Path B

  • Moonshade Earring: ATK/TP Bonus

  • 5/5 Lustratio Armor Set +1 = +10% WSD

Atonement:ItemSet 324990
  • All Yorium: WS Dmg. +3% | Enmity +10 | ACC+25

  • Weard Mantle: Enmity +7

  • Can work with Acro set too

Requiescat:ItemSet 333912
  • All Emicho: Path A

  • Moonshade Earring: ATK/TP Bonus

  • 5/5 Emicho Armor Set +1 = +10% DA

Damage Mitigation Sets

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Set Description
-PDT:ItemSet 333729
  • Xaddi Boots Path: B

  • Acro Breeches ACC/ATT +20 | DA+3% | Crit Hit Rate +3%

  • -40% DT + -11% PDT + -18% PDT II (Burtgang) = -68% Damage Mitigation Caped

-MDT:ItemSet 333751
  • Cizin Helm +1: MDB +2 / MDT -3

  • Cizin Breeches +1: MDT -3

  • -30% DT + -20% MDT + -50% MDT II (Aegis) = -87.5% Damage Mitigation

Shell V -MDT:ItemSet 333910
  • -26% DT/MDT + -24% Shell V = -50% DT/MDT + -50% MDT II (Aegis) = -87.5% Damage Mitigation

  • +39 MDB

  • +320 Magic Evasion

  • Shell IV requires you to use -2% more MDT in gear

  • Shellra V with max merits and Piety Pantaloons +1 bumps you up to -29% MDT from Shell so you can swap -5% MDT for more +MDB

-BDT:ItemSet 341405
  • Dark Ring -6% MDT & BDT

  • DT- + BDT- = overcap Damage Mitigation but it's just for simple

Turtle:ItemSet 315987
  • 5/5 Souveran Armor Set +1 = -10% DT

  • -41% DT + 9% PDT + -18% PDT II (Burtgang) = -68% Damage Mitigation Capped

  • -41% DT + 9% MDT + -50% MDT II (Aegis) = -87.5% Damage Mitigation Capped

  • -41% DT + 9% BDT = -50 Damage Mitigation Capped

  • This set allows you to swap between Ochain/Aegis without losing the standard -50% PDT/MDT/BDT cap and you have a decent amount of "Occ. Absorbs"

Fast Cast Sets

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Set Description
Optimal:ItemSet 334967
  • Fast Cast+61% (80 is max)

  • Occ. quickens spellcasting +7/%(10 is max)

  • Carmine Mask +1: Augment "Fast Cast"+4%

  • Moonshade Earring: Occ. quickens spellcasting +3%

  • Odyssean can be augmented with FC+7% (fern stone)

Alternative:ItemSet 348972

Enmity Sets

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Set Description
Pure Enmity:ItemSet 325467
  • All Yorium: Enmity +10

  • Weard Mantle: Enmity +7

  • Odyssean Cuisses Enmity +8 ( Fern stone)

  • Eschite Greaves Path A HP+80, Enmity+7, Physical Damage Taken-4%

  • *Total Enmity 131~144 depending on Unity Ranking

Flash:ItemSet 333747
  • All Yorium: Enmity +10

  • Weard Mantle: Enmity +7

  • Odyssean Cuisses Enmity +8 ( Fern stone)

  • Eschite Greaves Path A HP+80, Enmity+7, Physical Damage Taken-4%

  • *Total Enmity 131~144 depending on Unity Ranking

Divine, Enhancing & Healing Magic Sets

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Set Description
Divine Magic:ItemSet 336878
  • Kaiser Diechlings: Divine Magic +6

Enhancing Magic:ItemSet 324952
  • Base skill 350 + 54/57 from equipment

Cure Self:ItemSet 336105
  • Odyssean Greaves augmented with" Potency of "Cure" effect received +3/8%" Fern stone is ok for cap recieve to 30%

  • Total Cure Pot. +51%/50%

  • Total Self Cure Pot. +37%/30% (with +8% on feet)

Cure:ItemSet 336937
  • Total Cure Pot. +50%/50%

Phalanx:ItemSet 335002
  • All Odyssean: Phalanx +5

  • Phalanx +60

Reprisal:ItemSet 351234
  • Reprisal wears off if either:
    Its one minute duration passes
    Its damage dealt cap (Damage dealt to the mob) is exceeded
    Reprisal's damage dealt cap is determined by the following equation
    (Max HP*2)
    So this set give HP +1574, if you are under "Haste II" effect you can keep it up all the time

Rampart:ItemSet 78948
  • Grants a static +29 defense boost to all party members in range.

  • The Magic Shield effect acts as a Stoneskin-like effect that only absorbs magic.
    The amount of damage absorbed is variable, determined by VIT*2

  • Caballarius Coronet +1 Increases duration by 30 seconds.

Doom:ItemSet 353362
  • Grants a +65 cursna recieve.

Idle Set

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Optimal: Alternative:
ItemSet 55293 ItemSet 333749

*This guide is a work in progress and is by no means the "end all, be all" guide to PLD gear sets. If you notice any issues within the guide or a piece of gear needs to be changed, please, let me know.

*The posted gear sets are considered MAX sets and are most likely not viable for your inventory unless PLD is your only job.

Bokura's Gearswaps

Akivatoo's Gearswap(a version of Mote's but massively updated and added rules, sets, etc. update 03/07/2020)

You're starting the Paladin job? You'll find everything you need in this folder to install directly into :"Windower4\addons\GearSwap\data" (lazy you)(update 03/07/2020)
Full pack PLD.lua + Buffwatcher

To launch " buffWatcher " ; you just have to make a macro with the following command " /console gs c buffWatcher true ".

*All TP/WS gear sets were spreadsheet using Motenten's DPS Spreadsheets.
*PhoenixNeosutra for creating the original guide, Paladin FAQ, Info, and Trade Studies, I've used bits and pieces from that guide and updated everything that needs to be.
*BG Wiki for their vast amount of up-to-date information. Big thanks to the people that contribute to that.

usefull links:
The Phalanx formula from Mougurijin
Last PLD update

- Subjob selection
- List alternative pieces of gear for sets
- Look into -MDT set for maximization
- Update TP/ACC/WS sets

- Added Phalanx and Reprisal sets

- Cleaned up page

- Updated "Pure Enmity" set

- Updated Weapon Skill Sets (These were only roughly eyeballed. Will spreadsheet when I have more time unless someone else wants to and I'll update accordingly.)

- Added "Rampart" set

- Added "Doom" set
Author: Jacub
Collaborators: Akivatoo
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Date Last Modified: 2020-07-03 11:37:27
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