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VII. Miscellaneous ►

Resources ►

There are quite a few areas of the web that comprise the active XI community and a few things that you may want to familiarize yourself with, aside from this website.

  • FFXIClopedia is useful for looking up any information up to and including Abyssea.

  • BGWiki is where you will locate updates on the more recent end-game content, as well as more in-depth information regarding game mechanics. When the expansion comes out, you'll want to be looking here as well.

  • The Random Question Thread on BG can very often yield a quick response to any number of questions you may find yourself asking. The FFXI Section as a whole is a pretty great resource.

  • Motenten's DPS Spreadsheets are and excellent tool for making gear and buff comparisons to figure out what exactly you should be using in a given situation. He updates them regularly and is constantly taking suggestions. They're a bit intimidating at first, but they can save you a lot of number crunching.

  • The windower community offers some very useful plugins, including Spellcast, Recast, TParty, and many other gems.

  • Guildwork is both a fantastic tool for tracking your character progress and maintaining statistics pertinent to the XICommunity.

  • FFXIDB keeps track of drop rates and spawn locations of pretty much every mob thanks to information provided from Guildwork.

Update History ►

  • 1.000 [3/11/2013] - First draft published

    • 1.001 - Minor corrections made
    • 1.002 - Miscellaneous section added.
    • 1.003 - Purged many typos.
    • 1.004 - Added ability to return to TOC throughout posts.
    • 1.005 - Added Chakra set, basic spellcast (thanks Kelhor!), and fixed a few errors.

Notes ►

  • I use ★ a lot because you can't center unordered lists without layering bbcode through tables and I didn't want a headache/I like centering things.

  • Give me a bit on the progression section. Both this one and that were lost due to a personal blunder (me copy and pasting over it without realizing).

  • As a reminder, I am a person and I do make mistakes (rather frequently, especially spelling ones!). If something looks off to you, either PM me or post here and I'll look into it.

  • If you feel something should be added, tell me so. It would be helpful if you were specific and explained why you felt it should be added if is something more complex. Thanks in advance!

  • There are a few users in the Monk forum who feel it is their job to offer input that is inherently un-constructive based on their own derived understanding of how the world functions. It is best to not waste too much time deliberating with such people if you feel you have come across them.

  • A huge thanks to those who read through this and found my mistakes and/or offered feedback! Four (stars) for you ★★★★!

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