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iiPunch - MNK 101

I'm a fan of simplicity in naming. No three word titles for me. I wouldn't want to run the risk of nose-diving my way into the depths of the THF and DRK thread titles, anyways.

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Combat Skills
     a. Hand-to-Hand
     b. Guard
III. Merits, Job Abilities, Job Points and Job Traits
     a. Merits
     b. Job Abilities
     c. Job Points
     d. Job Traits
IV. Weapons and Weaponskills
     a. Weapons
     b. Weaponskills
V. Equipment
     a. High-End Gear
     b. (Mid)High-End Gear
     c. Decent Gear
     d. I Beat Abyssea! Gear
     e. Misc. Gear
VI. Progression
     a. Abyssea Era
     b. Voidwatch, Dynamis, Etc.
     c. Neo-Nyzul, Salvage II, and Beyond
VII. Miscellaneous
     a. Resources
     b. Spellcast
     c. Updates
     d. Notes
I. Introduction ►

I tend to talk too much, so I have taken the liberty of emphasizing the important parts of wordy sections.

I was incredibly hesitant to write this - and in the process of doing so, I still am. I'm not really a fan of job guides given the ever-changing nature of jobs in terms of equipment and usefulness in MMOs. However, I get countless questions directed to me regarding Monk quite often, so perhaps this can serve to answer those as well as educate those who are unsure about the job.

If played correctly, Monk can serve as an excellent powerhouse that competes very well with the other high-end damage dealers. Not only does pretty much all of Monk's equipment provide easy access to Haste (in excessive amounts), Attack, Accuracy, multi-attacks, and STR, the Job Abilities you have access to proficiently complement Monk's prowess. Although one of Monk's greatest drawbacks lies in the lower attack cap that all other one-handed damage dealers face combined with level correction, this is not a significant deterrent in almost all available content. This problem will not prominently persist through newer content if Square Enix holds true to their plans for newer mobs.

Monk's proficiency also extends to longevity in the battlefield due to their exceptionally high HP, high evasion, access to damage reduction gear, guard and Counter.

To add to Monk's convenience, it has access to all but one of the Blunt window procs in Abyssea, if you ever find yourself needing that gear.

II. Combat Skills ►

Hand-to-Hand ►

Monk's Hand-to-Hand skill is A+ and caps at 424 at level 99.

Unlike normal weapons, which list their own independent damage and delay, Hand-to-Hand damage and delay is determined differently. Base hand-to-hand damage is determined by combat skill using the formula, floor(Skill*.11)+3. The damage listed on your weapon is added (hence the +) to this number to determine your weapon's damage. Note that this is affected by gear and merits, making Hand-to-Hand skill merits exceptionally appealing with respect to other combat merits.

*Note that when examining Weapon Rank to determine fSTR caps, Hand-to-Hand Skill is not included!

Hand-to-Hand delay is set to an initial value of 480. This means that without any weapon equipped, 480 is to be considered your base delay. Weapons add to your base delay. This is important because your maximum delay reduction is determined from this value! The minimum delay for Hand-to-Hand combat is therefore 96. The delay for Hand-to-Hand weapons is significantly reduced by Martial Arts traits, but this is included in your maximum delay reduction. Gear haste, Magic haste, and Job ability haste are all applied after the martial arts reduction. Because Martial Arts is not applied as a percentage reduction, this can tend to make delay reduction calculations slightly more tedious than usual.

Guard ►

Monk's Guard skill is A and caps at 417 at level 99.

You are unable to parry when you have a Hand-to-Hand weapon equipped. Instead, you have a small chance to Guard that increases with your guard skill. Evaded attacks and attacks blocked by shadows do not have a chance to be guarded, but Countered attacks do if the Countered attack misses the enemy (and therefore) fails.

When guarding, the attackers pDIF is lowered by 1.0, significantly reducing the damage you take. Guard can also activate on physical TP moves.

III. Merits, Job Abilities, Job Points & Job Traits ►

There is a lot that could be talked about here, but I'm only going to go into detail where necessary. For example, most Job Traits should be self-explanatory, but I'll still list them just so the information is all here.
Merits ►

Category I

Counter Rate : Increase counter attack rate by 1 percent.

You should be capping this. It is a direct improvement to your performance almost everywhere, and allows you to push your Counter rate to the cap fairly easily when you have Counterstance active.

Kick Attack Rate : Increase kick attack rate by 1 percent.

You should be capping this. Again, a direct improvement to your damage capability. Though kicks don't do as much damage as your normal hits, they're still a good amount of your overall damage.

Focus Recast : Shorten recast time by 10 seconds per merit.

Not ideal, but if you are only using Monk for high-end Voidwatch things that you can't counter I suppose it's not a terrible choice (read: it's a pretty bad choice). However, Monk can already alternate Focus and Aggressor with no down-time.

Dodge Recast : Shorten recast time by 10 seconds per merit.

Almost useless. If your survival depends on a shorter Dodge recast, you may want to change something up. Dodge is more a helpful bonus than something to be relied on.

Chakra Recast : Shorten recast time by 10 seconds per merit.

See Dodge. I don't advise meriting this at all.

Category II

Mantra : Increases the max. HP of party members within area of effect. Recast: 10min. Increase effect by 4 percent.

Some people swear by this, and to be fair, it can have its uses. It plays on one of Monk's natural strengths and makes them even harder to kill. This raises your maximum HP by 20% when fully merited, or 30% if used with augmented hesychast's gaiters +1. It should be noted that it doesn't stack with other forms of HP enhancement status effects, though it remains to be seen if this will apply to Monk's upcoming new SP Ability.

Its greatest drawback lies in the fact that the duration is only three minutes. There are relatively few situations where you need higher HP 3/10 of the time. I'd say pass on this one, but to each their own, as none of Monk's Category II merits are particularly fascinating.

Note: Mantra is currently used in Delve boss strategies, and should likely be prioritized if you plan to be on Monk.

Formless Strikes : While in effect, melee attacks will not be considered physical damage. No effect on weapon skills. Recast: 10min. Increase effect by 5 percent per merit after the first.

This also lasts for three minutes, but can be extended to up three minutes thirty seconds with augmented hesychast's cyclas +1. You won't use this often, but in the situations that allow it, it really shines and you will be thankful you have it merited. With only one merit, your attacks will do 60% of your normal damage in non-elemental damage. Maxed out, your attacks will do 80% of normal damage. If you don't foresee yourself using Monk in scenarios involving mobs that take significantly reduced physical damage (a situation that has become increasingly plentiful lately), you can pass on this. However, if you do, you will want to max this.

Note: This is exceedingly useful in EVERY Delve zone, and should likely be prioritized if you plan to be on Monk.

Do note that countered attacks will still deal physical damage of your weapon type as well while under the effect of Formless Strikes.

Invigorate : Adds a Regen effect when using Chakra. Increase duration of effect by 24 seconds.

The Regen effect is 10HP/tick, but can be increased to up to 20HP/tick with augmented hesychast's gloves +1. Maxed out, this lasts two minutes for up to a total of up to 800 HP restored. If you aren't planning on maxing it, it's really not worth it. This is nice if you find yourself soloing (or otherwise without a healer) a great deal, but otherwise isn't too fantastic.

Penance : Adds an effect to Chi Blast that inhibits an enemy's TP accumulation. Increase duration of effect by 20 seconds.

The base reduction on Penance is 25% and can be increased to 35% with max merits and hesychast's crown +1. It lasts up to one minute forty seconds with full merits, which means it can be kept on for more than half the time (if the mob lives that long). The reduction term is separate from Subtle Blow and dAGI, and fairly noticeable if you only have a small number of people attacking a mob.

Job Abilities ►

Hundred Fists - Level 1 | Recast: 60 Minutes | Duration : 45 Seconds

This reduces your attack speed by 75% after Martial Arts and Weapon Delay are calculated. This allows you to slightly bypass the normal delay reduction which otherwise takes Martial Arts into account while determining the cap. You will not benefit from Haste gear, but will benefit from Martial Arts gear while this is active.
Any action that is performed will "reset" Hundred Fists, causing one attack round to occur with normal delay calculations before it is resumed.

Boost - Level 5 | Recast: 15 Seconds | Duration : 3 Minutes

Boost raises your attack by 12.5%, or 18.75% with Temple Gloves. This effect stacks with subsequent use for up to three minutes, but will wear off after any attack, Weapon Skill, or Chi Blast use. Unless you are not receiving Haste buffs, it will most likely be detrimental to use Boost. However, stacking Boost can provide for some amusing Chi Blast numbers.

Dodge - Level 15 | Recast: 5 Minutes | Duration : 2 Minutes

Dodge raises your evasion by 20, or 30 with Temple Gaiters. This ability is particularly useful on lower and mid-level content due to Monk's naturally high evasion skill. It is fairly simple to cap your evasion rate on nearly all older content, and get a decent evasion rate on newer things.

Focus - Level 25 | Recast: 5 Minutes | Duration : 2 Minutes

Focus raises your accuracy by 20, or 30 with Temple Crown. This ability is particularly useful on higher level content, especially when alternated (or combined for shorter fights) with Aggressor when subbing Warrior for higher-end fights. Effective use allows Monk to cap accuracy on most content (exceptions include higher tier Voidwatch, Legion, and certain THF mobs in Salvage II) without making any sacrifices to TP gear. This is, in part, due to the fact that large amounts of accuracy are on so many of Monk's best TP options.

Chakra - Level 35 | Recast: 5 Minutes | Duration : Instant

Chakra cures your HP by a small amount (and can provide a moderate Regen effect if Penance is merited) and removes Blind and Poison. The amount cured is affected by Vitality as well as a modifier which can be adjusted with gear. The formula is simply VIT * Modifer. The base modifier value is 2.0, but can be increased by 1.0 with temple cyclas, .6 with melee gloves, and .8 with melee gloves +2.

Notably, temple cyclas also allow the removal of Paralysis (hidden effect you'll swear exists: increase rate of Chakra being Paralyzed by 300%!), while melee gloves allows the removal of disease, and melee gloves +2 allows the removal of disease or plague.

Chi Blast - Level 41 | Recast: 5 Minutes | Duration : Instant

Chi Blast does a moderate amount of Spirit Damage to the target that cannot be resisted under normal circumstances. However, certain monsters, like Hydra (and variants) resist Spirit Damage. No TP is gained by the target from this ability.

Chi Blast damage is largely determined by MND and Boost usage. The formula is floor[ floor( MND * [Random Number Between .5 and 1] ) * ( (# of Boost * BoostIncrease%) + 1 ) ]. The BoostIncrease% term is always four times greater than the attack % granted by Boost. Therefore, it is naturally 50%; using Boost with Temple Gloves increases this to 75%. Making maximum use of Boost can yield really high Chi Blast numbers, though this is now a dated form of damage.

Instead, Chi Blast is mostly used for the merit that enhances it, Penance.

Counterstance - Level 45 | Recast: 5 Minutes | Duration : 5 Minutes

This ability, probably Monk's trademark, increases your Counter rate by 45% but alters your Defense calculation so that it is exceptionally low. While Counterstance is in effect, you only receive defense from the VIT calculation (VIT/2), Minne, and the Defense Bonus job trait. All other Defense bonuses, including those from gear and Protect, are not counted. The damage done from a counter is based on your stats, not your attackers. Furthermore, you can only counter while engaged and facing the mob.

Keep in mind that you cannot counter while asleep, petrified, terrorized, or stunned. You also cannot counter mob area attacks, such as those from Ironclads and Mantis mobs, nor can you counter TP moves.

Counterstance can be further enhanced through melee gaiters (5% Counter) or melee gaiters +2 (10% Counter). They do not need to remain equipped, only upon activation of the ability. This, combined with your base Counter rate (12%) and Merits (5%), allows you a potential 72% Counter rate before other gear (Note that after the accuracy check, this results in a 68% rate). It is important to have capped accuracy if you are using Counterstance - any Countered hit that "misses" means the Counter does not occur and you take the damage!

Footwork - Level 65 | Recast: 5 Minutes | Duration : 5 Minutes

This makes it so that your normal attack is a kick rather than punches. Note that you only kick once normally, though this is modified by multi-attack equipment. It also sets your base delay to 480 and increases base damage by 18. Your attack is also raised by 10%. Note that if you use Hundred Fists while this is in effect, you will punch instead.

Don't use this. Ever. Seriously.

Perfect Counter - Level 79 | Recast: 1 Minute | Duration : 30 Seconds

This ability guarantees a Counter on the next counter-able attack directed at you, but will only occur if Counter does not occur or fails. Perfect Counter can miss, but you will not take damage as you would if a normal Counter missed. Furthermore, the counterattack has a 100% critical hit rate. Although this is good in a pinch, and nice to use before engaging something, job ability delay makes continuous use impractical unless you're tanking something difficult.

Impetus - Level 86 | Recast: 5 Minutes | Duration : 3 Minutes

Attack is increased by 2 and Critical Hit Rate is increased by 1% with every successive attack landed. The value resets upon a miss, including during Counters and Weaponskills.

This is one of Monk's greatest advantages in terms of damage potential, and it allows MNK to keep up with and pull ahead of other top damage dealers. It is exceptionally important that you keep accuracy capped to maintain maximum use out of this job ability (sort of redundant, since it's always important to cap accuracy). If you are subbing Warrior (as you usually are on Monk), it is most effective to alternate the use of this and Berserk (with a 1 minute overlap) to maximize the effects of the attack boost. Unless your fight only lasts three minutes, using the two together may not allow you to fully utilize the attack bonuses.

Job Points ►

Hundred Fists Effect : Increases physical accuracy while under the effects of Hundred Fists. Increase physical accuracy by 2.

Inner Strength Effect : Increases the amount of HP recovered while under the effects of Inner Strength. Increase amount of HP recovered by 2%.

Dodge Effect : Increases evasion while under the effects of Dodge. Increase evasion by 2.

Focus Effect : Increases accuracy while under the effects of Focus. Increase accuracy by 1.

Chakra Effect : Increases the amount of HP recovered when Chakra is activated. Increase amount recovered by 10.

Counterstance Effect : Increases attack power of counterattacks while under the effects of Counterstance. Increase DEX bonus by 2%.

Footwork Effect : Increases the damage of kick attacks while under the effects of Footwork. Increase damage by 1.

Perfect Counter Effect : Increases the VIT bonus of Perfect Counter. Increase VIT bonus by 1.

Job Traits ►

Martial Arts - Reduces attack speed.

1-80 Delay
16-100 Delay
31-120 Delay
46-140 Delay
61-160 Delay
75-180 Delay
82-200 Delay
99 (100 JP Gift)-205 Delay

At 99, Monk will attack at a delay of 280 with no weapon equipped. However, as previously mentioned, the base delay for Hand-to-Hand weapons is 480. This, combined with weapon delay is the number to be used in determining your maximum attack speed (up to 80% reduction). Other delay calculations (Gear Haste, Magic Haste, etc.) are performed after Martial Arts is applied; this tends to make delay calculations for Monk a tad strange. Also, since Martial Arts directly alters your delay, it also affects your TP gain.

Subtle Blow - Reduces amount of TP gained by enemies when striking them.

99 (125 JP Gift)27%

Subtle Blow is a separate term that is applied last in enemy TP gain calculation. It is affected by a great deal of equipment.

Counter - May cancel target's attack with an attack of your own.

1010% Rate
8112% Rate
99 (150 JP Gift)14% Rate

A counterattack cannot occur if the player evades, parries or absorbs the attack with a shadow (note that you cannot parry with Hand-to-Hand weapons). Counter is subject to an accuracy check; if you miss the counter, the attack will hit you normally despite the fact that the trait proc'd. Counter rate can be increased by several pieces of equipment, as well as merits and Counterstance. The cap for this trait is 80% before accuracy checks.

Max HP Boost - Increases your maximum HP.

15+30 HP
35+60 HP
55+120 HP
70+180 HP
86+240 HP
96+280 HP

Kick Attacks - Occasionally adds kick attacks.

5110% Rate
7113% Rate
9615% Rate

A Kick Attack has to a chance to occur on any melee round only when using Hand-to-Hand weapons. The base damage for kick attacks is determined by hand-to-hand base damage and can be increased by various pieces of equipment. The rate can also be increased by equipment as well as merits.

Tactical Guard - Grants bonus TP when guarding against an attack.

773 TP
874.5 TP
976 TP

This is not affected by Store TP.

Skillchain Bonus - Improves skillchain damage.

77+8% Skillchain Damage
87+12% Skillchain Damage

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