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Max Drain3 - Father Time Path C for Drain+25 Carmine Body happens to be Path D. Niht is Dark Magic+10/Drain Potency+25
Item Name AH Price Stock
Father Time 132000000 2
Fall. Burgeonet +3
Fall. Flanchard +3
Carm. Sc. Mail +1
Fall. Fin. Gaunt. +3
Gold Mog. Belt
Archon Ring 0
Evanescence Ring
Niht Mantle
Hirudinea Earring
Digni. Earring
Erra Pendant 0
Rat. Sollerets +1 27000000 6
Count: 15 (159000000 Gil)
input /equip main "Father Time";
input /equip sub "Khonsu";
input /equip range "Ullr";
input /equip head "Fall. Burgeonet +3";
input /equip legs "Fall. Flanchard +3";
input /equip body "Carm. Sc. Mail +1";
input /equip hands "Fall. Fin. Gaunt. +3";
input /equip waist "Gold Mog. Belt";
input /equip ring1 "Archon Ring";
input /equip ring2 "Evanescence Ring";
input /equip back "Niht Mantle";
input /equip ear1 "Hirudinea Earring";
input /equip ear2 "Digni. Earring";
input /equip neck "Erra Pendant";
input /equip feet "Rat. Sollerets +1";
Gearswap Set
sets["Max Drain3"] = {
    main="Father Time",
    head="Fall. Burgeonet +3",
    neck="Erra Pendant",
    ear1="Hirudinea Earring",
    ear2="Digni. Earring",
    body="Carm. Sc. Mail +1",
    hands="Fall. Fin. Gaunt. +3",
    ring1="Archon Ring",
    ring2="Evanescence Ring",
    back="Niht Mantle",
    waist="Gold Mog. Belt",
    legs="Fall. Flanchard +3",
    feet="Rat. Sollerets +1"