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NIN M.Eva 10/2016 - Taeon Chapeau augmented with as close to +20 MEva as possible. Andartia augmented with Magic Evasion and (INT/MND) take your pick. Substitute Hearty Earring for debuff specific moves that carry no damage (Sleepga/Blindga/Slowga/Silence etc).
Item Name AH Price Stock
Warder's Charm +1
Staunch Tathlum +1 10400000 1
Eabani Earring
Flashward Earring
Ken. Samue +1 28000000 2
Purity Ring
Volte Bracers
Volte Cap
Vengeful Ring
Andartia's Mantle
Engraved Belt
Ken. Hakama +1 28000000 1
Ken. Sune-Ate +1 22400000 2
Count: 13 (88800000 Gil)
input /equip neck "Warder's Charm +1";
input /equip ammo "Staunch Tathlum +1";
input /equip ear1 "Eabani Earring";
input /equip ear2 "Flashward Earring";
input /equip body "Ken. Samue +1";
input /equip ring1 "Purity Ring";
input /equip hands "Volte Bracers";
input /equip head "Volte Cap";
input /equip ring2 "Vengeful Ring";
input /equip back "Andartia's Mantle";
input /equip waist "Engraved Belt";
input /equip legs "Ken. Hakama +1";
input /equip feet "Ken. Sune-Ate +1";
Gearswap Set
sets["NIN M.Eva 10/2016"] = {
    ammo="Staunch Tathlum +1",
    head="Volte Cap",
    neck="Warder's Charm +1",
    ear1="Eabani Earring",
    ear2="Flashward Earring",
    body="Ken. Samue +1",
    hands="Volte Bracers",
    ring1="Purity Ring",
    ring2="Vengeful Ring",
    back="Andartia's Mantle",
    waist="Engraved Belt",
    legs="Ken. Hakama +1",
    feet="Ken. Sune-Ate +1"