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By Asura.Rielle 2010-03-20 15:13:54
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Figured I'd cross post here since the merge is nigh. We're still looking for another 3-4 BLMs or SCHs, and a COR or BRD or two.

Sheepetc; a new Einherjar LS on Asura server is now open to recruiting.

Runs are set to be held on SUN/WED with a 10PM EST start time (lamp breaking).

Please don't be fooled by the term 'new'; all officers have extensive Einherjar experience (both as members and bosses) and have simply not found a shell recently that matches our play schedules or intensity.

Mules are already set in place to insure biweekly Odin access for the shell.


Lots on items and armor (excluding money drops which go to lamp buyer) are handled by points and auction as follows.

Early attendance: being in Nashmau 20+ minutes prior to scheduled start time and AT THE KEYBOARD rewards 1 point.

Attendance: must be present at the door in Hazhalm Testing Grounds and at the keyboard by the scheduled start time; rewards 1 point.

Points are not awarded for late attendance; you receive ampoules and a feather toward Odin access, you don't need a point if you're gonna be late.

Drops will have a pre-set minimum bid attached to them. Bidding begins at the pre-set minimum, and any member is allowed to bid in increments of 2 (or more) UP TO their current point total. High bidder, regardless of job or frequency of play, wins the item and points bid are deducted from their point total.

All item auctions will be overseen by an officer and done over linkshell to eliminate concerns over favoritism.


We are only recruiting 30 members (total) at this time to allow for room for mules inside the chambers prior to Odin.

Availability is determined by job necessity and a member can only state preferences. An officer will assign jobs prior to individual runs for the good of the shell.


Really, if you're wanting a flame war, this isn't the platform, this is just a general announcement. Please contact me ingame ('toon name: Rielle) for questions or a pearl.
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