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Looking For Dreamlands dynamis LS
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By Remora.Lynnminmay 2010-02-09 17:48:56
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Me and a friend are looking for a Dynamis linkshell that focuses on Dreamlands Dynamis. If your LS does Cities/Northlands but does Dreamlands only occasionally I'm not interested. We both have Dynamis Tavnazia/xarc access.

I'm MNK&PUP 75 RDM&BLM 75 with top of the line gear (usukane,morrigan etc). My THF has TH4 and average gear.

My friend has MNK,SAM,DRK,THF 75 with top gear besides relics and BLM 75 with top gear.

If you are interrested, send me a PM, thanks !
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