[LFM][WHM/COR][4/6][C/MC] Sortie 10:30PM PDT

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[LFM][WHM/COR][4/6][C/MC] Sortie 10:30PM PDT
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By deathsv 2024-04-02 18:17:50
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Hey all, casual/midcore group looking for a whm & cor to join our near daily sortie friend group.

We're currently hitting an ABCGEF route and typically begin gathering together around 10:30PM PDT.

Experience & access to the routes floors is preferred including a basic understanding of what is to be expected of your role; REMA's are also massive big plus for the sake of prog but not entirely required. Naturally we intend to go beyond six bosses but most importantly we prioritize good character & open communication over sour attitude. Discord voice is also not required but please expect to download it already if you haven't to communicate with the rest of the team outside of the instance.

Looking to have some fun AND work towards a prime? Give @death.sv a message on discord or /tell Chikuyu (if avail) and we'll talk! Recruitment is currently on-going. Thanks!!
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