Second POL Crashing, No Error Message

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Second POL crashing, no error message
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By quadramet 2024-02-18 11:09:42
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Reinstalled FFXI on a new SSD. Then downloaded windower and the "make the game look great" stuff from the Nextgames video (2022 version). I had all of this before with no issue.

I boot up FFXI via windower and then a second POl for my mule. Log into both and one just crashes after a few seconds. NO error, just poof. Then, if I try to start another POL via windower, it just boots up POL without windwer. If i wait a minute, it will start up in windower and I get both logged into the game. However, after a minute or two, one crashes, again with no error or warning.

Any thoughts? This is very frusrtating!
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By RadialArcana 2024-02-18 12:34:37
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Is UAC on, are you giving windows permission launching the 2nd. Are you crashing in a specific area. Did you properly install the game and not just copy files over. Some out of date addon. Are you using a new UI mod (if you're using one). Are you sure you only have one version of XI installed.
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By Fenrir.Holitha 2024-02-18 16:19:04
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After recently going through random crashes I'll take a stab in the dark here:

Do you have an Intel 13900 (K/F/KF) processor? If so, there's a decent chance you've got a bad core like I do, and you'll have to either manually set the affinity to avoid Performance Core 4 (most say that's the one, worked for me I didn't process of elimination it), or use ProcessLasso to avoid that core entirely.

If not, download MemTest86, make a bootable USB from it (comes with instructions), and boot into that and let it do the full scan on your memory for a few hours.

If that comes back clean, then you'll have to go down the list of stuff other people will suggest like disabling UAC, enabling DirectPlay, test without Windower, etc.
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