Can't See Pets And Enemies Tp Moves

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Can't see Pets and enemies tp moves
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By Minaras84 2023-08-15 02:50:50
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It's been two days.
At first i thought it was a bug because it happened in a bcnm.
I saw the orcs standing and not doing anything for the entire fight even tho my pet was losing hp.
Said pet was standing still as well, no animations at all, not even attacking.
I am now in Outer Ra' whatever fighting apex twitherym and its the same.
I pull them with the pet (and i see the pet going and coming back) but when the fight animation at all from my pet (not even normal attacks), normal attacks animation from enemy, but no animation for tp moves.
What i did in the last two days:
I tried two different add ons, the "store tell" one and the dispalay enemy debuff.
Both uninstalled, windower rebooted, problem still there.


Edit: i tried to create another empty preset (ingame) with no addons active and the problem persists
Server: Fenrir
Game: FFXI
user: Tesahade
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By Fenrir.Niflheim 2023-08-28 10:11:29
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Sounds more like corrupted dat files, you should try doing a full file check (you start it in the pol config not in pol)

Before doing that you can check if it happens when you play without windower, if it does that supports the bad dat theory.
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