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Bot Threads
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By Sylph.Shadowlina 2019-01-26 12:42:52
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Hi, Lina here!

Posting a update specifically on the Bot related thread creation for the couple days now.

I'm fully aware that right now that there are a lot of angry players from Asura server specifically who are creating threads, specifically targeting individuals who are Botting for one reason or another.
Creating player warning threads on is against the Forum posting rules, nor does it help the situation.

If you think a player is specifically botting. Just report them to a GM.
If there is a major issue, take it to the Official forums.
Do not make a Thread/Posts here.
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Server: Excalibur
user: AnnaMolly
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By Anna Ruthven 2019-01-26 19:39:55
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To put it more bluntly, we can't do anything about bots, we don't care, shitpost on the Official Forums or something.
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