Could Use Some Equipset Macro Help

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could use some equipset macro help
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By itachiuchihaa 2019-01-19 06:34:24
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im a returning player and upto now i was using seperate equipsets macro s instead of putting them in my lets say cure maco
so my question is how do you make a macro for cure V or curaga with equipsets in them ? so i can stay in idle set as long as possible instead of staying in my cure set like i do now ? :p

ty in advance
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By Shiva.Phioness 2019-01-19 10:50:06
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4 lines of text as follows:

/equipset 1 <<<--your precast set (fastcast)
/ma "Cure" <stpt> <wait 1> <<time will vary based on spell/gear
/equipset 2 <wait 2> <<<--- This is your cure potency set
/equipset 3 <<--- this will be your idle set
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By Pantafernando 2019-01-19 11:11:02
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2 situations i would like to point out:

1. Some spells have casting time below 1s with pre cast. So if you use something like

/equipset #
/ma "cure" <t> <wait 1>
/equipset # (cure set)

You will end casting cure in your pre cast set because you just swaped after the spell was fired. To prevent that, ive been using:

/equipset # <wait 1>
/ma "cure" <t>
/equipset # (cure set)

Its not a nice result but thats how i do to deal with spells with casting time below 1s.

2. Despite having some instruction to go to your idle set after some time, you need to have a macro just to get back to that set. Because sometimes you need to respond fast to a scenario (for example need to cast another cure right after the first one and before the time to get back to idle). The result is that the second macro will "break" the sequence of commands of the first one (and in the worst case will mess your swaps if you try to swap before 1s from the previous swap). Sometimes that i die on RUN out of nowhere is normally because i hit some macro before getting back to my tank set so i end tanking in a pre cast or cast set. For those situation, disabling stylelock will prevent you to not notice that youre in the wrong set.

All of those are due native limitation of /equipset despite being an awesome tool. It still could use further improvement from SE but i dont see that anytime soon.
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