New Addon "Communication" (not Working)

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new addon "Communication" (not working)
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By Shichishito 2018-11-30 13:55:12
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when i edited my sch.lua to automate chat messages for immanence skillchains the user Nekseus complained:
You shouldn't be doing this type of automation with gearswap, instead you should make an independent addon.
so i went ahead and spent 20+ days attempting to make a addon. i failed, hard.

i made the rules in their respective job.luas (all based on kinematics which use mote-includes) to the point where i got them to work. then i copied them to the addon file with minor tweaks (mainly added state toggles and key binds/unbinds for those toggles) and i just can't get it to work as addon. if anyone feels capable to get this addon running feel free to edit it.

i added the skillchains properties of SMN bloodpacts, BST sic/ready and BLU physical spells in the spell.xml/spell.lua and abils.xml/job_abilities.lua files by hand and they worked for me without problems. if a experienced dev doesn't see a problem with those edits it would probably be a good idea to replace the existing windower resource/res files with those befor windower pushes another update and potentialy makes changes to those files.

the updated files would allow to call skillchain properties for BLU chain affinity spells, BST sic/ready and SMN bloodpact rages with skillchain_a, skillchain_b and skillchain_c. i added them to the data folder in the download link.

full addon download link:
download link

individual files:

i can't add the job_abilities.lua/abils.xml and spells.lua/spells.xml files as code cause they are too long but as already mentioned you can find them in the addon zip file -> data folder.
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By Bahamut.Ivebian 2018-11-30 15:10:35
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ResourceExtractor parses the dats and generates those files automatically. Any fixes would have to be made to that program and not the resources lua/xml's. Not sure what you're trying to accomplish but there is an addon out there that tracks and displays skillchains. The included skills.lua is also automatically generated, with skillchain properties parsed from the weapon skill help text dat.
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By Shichishito 2018-11-30 16:04:41
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i'm aware they are automatically generated but there are only skillchain property entries for regular weaponskills. no clue why sic/ready/bloodpacts still have no info after so many years but they don't.

someone in the gearswap support thread said i'd have to make the edits myself. i wasn't aware of the ResourceExtractor nor who to contact to make the adjustments and i'm pretty sure if the person gave a damn he would have done them long ago. i wasn't aware there already are addons for all those features. i don't have a github account either.

the updated files are there so who ever has any use for them can do with them what ever they want.
since i reached a point where i can't progress further on my own and i don't want to bother people on the boards for every step i'll leave it at this stage. you can ignore it if you see no use for that addon or the updated files.
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