Full Cure Can Give Godly Amounts Of Cure Skin

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Full Cure can give godly amounts of Cure Skin
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By Bahamut.Tychefm 2018-05-28 09:38:05
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Rough notes:

Full Cure amount changes with MND, healing skill, cure potency like normal cure, but it substitutes target VIT with caster MP.

He tested Full Cure with Cure Potency 50% + 8%II and Afflatus Solace +24 and full MP (don't know the exact amount)

Getting hit by 4000 Needles resulted in only 1890 damage taken. So the Cure Skin had a potency of 2110. The normal Cure Skin cap of 300 still applies but the Afflatus Solace+ items brought it way over the top.

The theoretical amount of health that the Full Cure could have healed was calculated back to 7542 HP.
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By Siren.Kyte 2018-05-28 09:42:21
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This was something that was utilized a lot when we had the Ambuscade with Excalibur.
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