Generous Arthur And Def Down Stacking

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Generous Arthur and Def down stacking
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By Quetzalcoatl.Xilkk 2017-12-17 17:17:46
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I've been playing w/ Generous Arthur today. Having some fun with him.

I can 1-shot a group of mobs in Reisenjima w/ Corrosive use. Non-resisted, I do ~15900 on most stuff. as High as 17250 on some. AoE
That is so satisfying to 1-shot a big group of mobs. Granted there is a 30s cooldown afterwards. so it feels like smn. but still satisfying.

but what confuses me is that he's not more desired for party/zerg/nm fights.

I stopped playing right before adoulin came out. when I came back I was a bit surprised how big a thing Geo is. I understand better now, but geo-frailty is now a requirement for most serious fights. Ironically slug pet has been better than this (excluding Idris) for a long time. granted, it can be resisted (I don't recall ever seeing this).

Why does no one clamor for GenerousArthur just for the def/attack down? Its fantastic for a group for both offense and defense.
Partly i think alot of players don't know about it.

Which leads me to question. Anyone know what types of Def down stack and which don't? what stacks w/ geo-frailty?
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By Shiva.Eightball 2017-12-17 18:12:31
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frailty is its own debuff and therefor stacks with all other def down effects such as Dia and actual def down effect, you can only have 1 actual def down status effect and usually the most potent will overwrite lesser ones. The thing is you can already get an unresistable 25% def down for 1.5 min from drg and a 25% def down which can be resisted from war and sam, these are jobs most people bring for a melee type setup anyways so they will likely stick with that. but if you are there anyways then yea i don't see why people would not use it.
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