Keyboard Buttons Stop Working

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Keyboard buttons stop working
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By DaneBlood 2023-03-04 14:03:02
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Phoenix.Evolved said: »
Same here as Daneblood. Yesterday it happened when I lost connection, and relogged in without closing out the client.

Sometimes while I am playing, the same exact thing happens that Daneblood described. Alt-F4'ing the client (because it won't let you /shutdown, the enter key doesn't work, nor the - key) and completely starting a new windower client fixes it.

same i terminated my two mules in taskmanager, and restarted the game. no issues anymore

just weird
Posts: 1008
By DaneBlood 2023-03-04 16:08:55
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Ran into the same issues agin but in my main character this time.
zoned with rune portal in whitegate (used mouse to click on the menu)
ten alt-tabbed to reaad something while the animation was going.
alt-tabed back and keyboard is wonky
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