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Looking for Information, Assistance and Friends
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By tossme 2017-03-13 17:30:52
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Good evening Lakshmi,

My name is Christopher Alexander, otherwise known as Tossme. I am 33 years old and have returned to this game after a 4 year break. I have been back for about a month now and still very new to all the new stuff within the game. I am looking for some friends to play with and to talk to while gaming. I currently have all mean of voice communication installed and would be willing to play any job to fill a role within your groups. At the moment my most geared class is Warrior. I hope there is some friendly people out there that wouldn't mind another helpful fun gamer to play with on this nostalgic amazing game.

I look forward to talk with all of you and enjoying some gaming.

Christopher "Tossme" Alexander
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