Where's The Content Clears Hiding On Lak?

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Where's the content clears hiding on Lak?
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By Lakshmi.Chilzen 2016-12-15 07:04:30
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Who's handbell do I have to shake to get some content cleared around here?

I heard that these days, people actually let GEO's play, compared to the last time I seriously played XI, and that sounds pretty awesome to me. Since this is XI, I'm looking at methods to improve my gear and personal skill, and it usually is mutual between multiple people.

I'm still missing Delve clears and gear, haven't really touched Vagary, have no clue what Incursion is, rushing through the last bit of SoA to unlock Sinister Reign, never touched Escha / Reijen content outside of RoV mandated tour, have no clue what Ambuscade is all about, and doubtful that I'm even close to touching Omen. I also haven't even touched Job Points or whatever people call them, since I'm cool like that, and haven't done any of the merit battles.

As one can see, I have a near-endless amount of content to consume, now that everyone else has gnawed away at them, and I'm just looking to see what works out. I'm also working on finishing up Almace to 85, after nearly 7 years of effort, cause I'm crazy like that, and on holiday. This means that I'll be easy to reach ingame, and people are encouraged to /tell me in the event we can work something out together. I bring the support, you bring the gear, and we all /cheer like only the holidays can allow.
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