Lucent FC Now Recruiting Players Of All Levels

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Lucent FC now recruiting players of all levels
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By Trugrave 2014-03-04 10:14:19
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<O_o> Lucent FC is recruiting all level players to join our FC on Sargatanas server.

Who we are:

Previously we were on Ragnarok legacy server. We decided to move to a more NA time friendly server. We're pretty small in number currently, about 15. A good number of our members have been playing MMOs together for years. I met Lucent on Ragnarok, and they helped me work through my first relic, when my own FC required full Darklight gear for Chimera.... We're really good with helping one another out with whatever we need, new players to veterans. We are more casual-social than hardcore, but we like to get things done as well. We like to joke and have fun while we do it. If you're easily offended by jokes, we may not be the FC you're looking for.

What we do:

Currently we clear T1-T4 of Coil. We're working on downing EX primals and T5 coil. We have no issues clearing any other dungeon or trial. Our biggest issue is getting people on the same schedule to do an event. Currently we only do an event twice a week. We're looking to expand upon that with more people.

What we're looking for:

Just cool people, willing to progress and learn. We can't help the helpless, so as long as you progress, you're good. Social people as well, we like to talk to one another. We'd like to have an FC/LS where we interact with one another, rather than just pop in once in a while, get help with one thing, and then dip out.

The Deal:

We run from 8:30pm-11pm EST/5:30pm-8:pm PST. Times sometimes change depending who is on.
We're willing to help any player, any level, any job, with anything. If you're looking for a cool laid back FC that gets things done, give us a shout. We don't bite ever. We understand it takes time to learn methods and we're really good with teaching.

Check out our website or you can message me here.

We use mumble to communicate during events.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you.

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