Spellcast Thunder Spirit On Lightnings Day Problem

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Spellcast Thunder Spirit on Lightnings Day Problem
Server: Sylph
Game: FFXI
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By Sylph.Dasanuffadat 2014-01-15 16:54:47
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So I've been using this rule for months without issue until now. I've finally needed to use Elemental Siphon on Thundersday but I guess SC views it as Lightningsday. I get the error where changespell couldn't find a valid spell by the name of $LightningSpirit because it's obviously $ThunderSpirit. Is there any way around this? I could just make my ES macro cast Thunder Spirit by default I suppose but seeing that error text bugs me.
		<if spell="*Spirit">
			<if area="Dynamis*|*Apollyon*">
				<action type="Changespell" spell="$DarkSpirit"/>
			<elseif area="*Temenos*">
				<action type="Changespell" spell="$LightSpirit"/>
		   <elseif Advanced='"%WeatherElement"!="None" AND ("%Weather"="%WeatherElement x2" OR $%WeatherElementStrength!=$%DayElementStrength-1 OR "%WeatherElement"="Fire" AND "%DayElement"!="Water")'>
				<action type="Changespell" spell="$%WeatherElementSpirit"/>
				<action type="Changespell" spell="$%DayElementSpirit"/>
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By kenshynofshiva 2014-01-16 13:50:40
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If spell LightningSpirit changespell thunderspirit
Server: Fenrir
Game: FFXI
user: Motenten
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By Fenrir.Motenten 2014-01-16 14:33:48
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Thunder and Lightning, as elements, were mashed up together in a lot of different places in the code, some using Thunder, some using Lightning. Recently a number of inconsistent values have been normalized to use the specific, 'correct' element of Lightning (as used in game images and text).

Note that 'correct' is in quotes because there's at least one instance of the game not using the same consistent value: automaton attachments with a lightning element are called "thunder-based attachments". However that's the only exception that I know of.

As for your specific issue, it's casting the spell contained in the variable $LightningSpirit (previously $ThunderSpirit). Thus the only real change you need to do is make sure $LightningSpirit's value is "Thunder Spirit".
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