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COR.xml Bullet Swap
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By Odin.Brahk 2013-12-27 17:45:04
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I'm trying to set my ammo equip for weaponskills in my .xml file. Basically what I'm looking to accomplish is if I have Adlivun Bullets on me, I want that to be the bullet that fires during weaponskills. However, there may be times I'd prefer not to waste those (lower content etc). So if I don't have the Adlivun bullets on me, I want it to go to the next bullet (let's just say Titanium Bullets). How would I accomplish this coding? Here's what I've been trying to work with so far.

<if type="WeaponSkill">
<equip when="precast" set="WS" />
<equip when="precast">
<ammo>Adlivun Bullet</ammo>
<equip when="precast">
<ammo>Titanium Bullet</ammo>

It loads the Adlivun Bullet fine, but I can't get it to load the Titanium bullet. Any thoughts on what I can change? Thanks and much appreciated.

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