Enhancing/Cure Skilliup Script.

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Enhancing/Cure skilliup script.
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By Jepenepe 2013-08-16 11:14:24
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So I wrote a little script to skill enhancing and curing magic skill and it looks like this.
<if spell="Barstone">
                    <cmd when="aftercast">wait 5;input /ma "Cure" <me></cmd>
					<cmd when="aftercast">wait 10;input /ma "Barwater" <me></cmd>
		            <cmd when="aftercast">wait 15;input /ma "Cure" <me></cmd>
					<cmd when="aftercast">wait 20;input /ma "Baraero" <me></cmd>
					<cmd when="aftercast">wait 25;input /ma "Cure" <me></cmd>
					<cmd when="aftercast">wait 30;input /ma "Barblizzard" <me></cmd>
					<cmd when="aftercast">wait 35;input /ma "Cure" <me></cmd>
					<cmd when="aftercast">wait 40;input /ma "Barthunder" <me></cmd>
					<cmd when="aftercast">wait 45;input /ma "Cure" <me></cmd>
					<cmd when="aftercast">wait 50;input /ma "Barfire" <me></cmd>
		            <cmd when="aftercast">wait 55;input /ma "Cure" <me></cmd>
					<cmd when="aftercast">wait 60;input /ma "Barwater" <me></cmd>
		            <cmd when="aftercast">wait 65;input /ma "Cure" <me></cmd>
					<cmd when="aftercast">wait 70;input /ma "Barstone" <me></cmd>

I also have in a cure set to de-equip and equip estoqueur's collar to cure me for 20 hp every time. The script works great as far as functionality I have no problems.

I am curious though as even with food my skillup rate sucks. I have a different barspell so it is actually giving me a new effect every time and i cure for 20 hp every time so I would think it would skill faster. I am currently at 346 enhancing and 283 healing with capped enhancing merits and 2 healing. I was told to drop the merits and it would skill faster but I don't believe that being this much under cap it is causing a problem. Should I change it to include other spells like en spells/regen/protect? Or does the skill up rate just suck that much?
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By billnes 2018-12-08 20:50:05
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Lua is all new to me. I simply can't get this to work. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. I copied and pasted this text into a TXT file and then changed the TXT to LUA. I put it in the "scripts" subdirectory. Windower is telling me that there's a syntax error in line 1. I'm not a programmer, so I'm just lost.....
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