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Windower plugin - Clock
Server: Asura
Game: FFXI
user: drewxi
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By Asura.Werdxi 2013-03-30 09:17:37
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So I've been really enjoying this new clock plugin. I'm sure some people will argue that its worthless because you have a clock on your computer or your wrist, but i enjoy the idea that i can simply look at the bottom right corner of one of screens and see the time, w/o having to avert my eyes away from the game.

So here's my question. I have it set to show Japanese time 1st, then my time. It seems the "Delimiter" option in the clock.ini allows you to change the spacing between the various clocks shown, but I'm more interested in seeing if i can make it vertical, not horizontal. With my time on top and Jap time on bottom. Any suggestions on how to do this? Below are the pictures of my clock setup and the clock.ini

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