Can Autoexec Do This Or Should I Use Spellcast?

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Can Autoexec do this or should I use spellcast?
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Game: FFXI
user: bizarro
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By Bahamut.Bizarro 2012-09-30 19:47:31
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I was hoping to use AutoExec to auto swap between groups within a XML but am unsure of the correct syntax to accomplish this. Would this work? (roughly)
<register silent="true" event="equip sub  X">input sc group X</register>
<register silent="true" event="equip sub  Y">input sc group Y</register>
<register silent="true" event="equip sub  Z">input sc group Z</register>

Alternatively I'm guessing an if statement within spellcast would work, but requires something to trigger the "oh this slot changed!"?
<if EquipSub="x">
<cmd>sc group x</cmd>
<elseif EquipSub = "y">
<cmd>sc group y</cmd>
<cmd>sc  group z</cmd>
Server: Bismarck
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By Bismarck.Tragedie 2012-10-01 19:55:49
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If I know what you're trying to accomplish, you could use a trigger spell to both equip the item you want and to change the group (or just change the group if you wanna equip it manually, i.e. trial weapons, etc.)

I'm not sure if that necessarily solves your issue but at least gives you an avenue to handle the event, as I'm not sure if autoexec detects slot changes (not an autoexec expert, I know I know why am I posting, etc.)

(Credit to Byrth's post for the tutorial link.)
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