Dragoon TP Set/WS Set?

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Dragoon TP Set/WS Set?
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user: frobeus
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By Midgardsormr.Frobeus 2009-05-27 12:44:21
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To Mogue:

Even with Skystrider's 492 delay, I didn't think 6 stp would be enough to 6 hit. Hopefully i'm wrong :D
Server: Bahamut
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By Bahamut.Raenryong 2009-05-27 12:57:06
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Grip: Pole
Rings: 2x Acc, Blitz will outperform at high values of acc situationally


Keep on Brutal... I think there is a lack of accuracy here for a multihit, even on DRG. In particular I'd use Potent Belt and possibly an acc ring or two. You can use sushi to make up for acc loss, but if you think about it... the gain you get from eating meat over sushi (most of the acc of which is wasted) is much greater than the gain you get from using str/atk gear + sushi.

And yeah, Rajas >:3!
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