No Hexed Gears For Woodworking ?

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no hexed gears for woodworking ?
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By Rieekil 2012-05-19 20:26:54
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the title say it all
am i missing something or there is no new cursed gears for WW ?
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By Lakshmi.Galith 2012-08-10 00:22:57
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Welcome to the wonderful guild of woodworking. If you'd like, we offer a comprehensive guide on how you will most likely not be making much money from this craft. You can also purchase our follow up edition titled "I suppose I should just level synergy and find some other crafting friends who like to afk in Port Jeuno".

We also offer such services as Sending you texts and updates when SE implements new crafts. Unfortunately our updater that sends out these messages has been broken for years and not actually sent out any notifications of new crafts. Fret not however, this has not impeded our ability to keep you up to date as there has been nothing to report.

-*edit*- this was the 2nd post on this subforum and I didn't think it'd be 80+ days old lmfao
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