EU Timezone Event Linkshell Recruiting!

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EU Timezone Event Linkshell Recruiting!
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By Azumii 2012-05-16 07:38:06
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We are an EU Timezone Event Linkshell, looking for experienced, motivated and loyal players, welcoming players from ANY timezone. Our main goal is to have fun and work as a team and get stuff done together. Feel free to PM me on here, the LS website or /tell me in game 'Zoom Zoom' or 'Excer Affinity' for more information. If you are interested in joining our team, please apply on our LS website below.

1) This has to be your Primary Linkshell. (i.e. Events with us take priority, you are allowed to have other social linkshells)
2) This Linkshell is strictly for people that play in an EU Timezone.
3) At least one L50 Discipline of War or Magic with experience from Ifrit, Moogle and/or Garuda and basic knowledge and common sense.

Events start at 7pm - 11pm (GMT+1) 5days a week. You NEED to be able to attend these times.
Every Sunday we have a 'Request Day' where people can ask for help on certain things to reach personal goals. This can be anything that requires a few players, to a lot of players (e.g. NMs, Quests, SB, Ifrit, Moogle, Stronghold etc) - more info on website.
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