[Palamecia] Prestige LS Recruiting

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[Palamecia] Prestige LS Recruiting
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By Katalya 2012-02-20 10:39:28
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Prestige was founded in August of 2007 in the world of Vana'diel on Bahamut server in FFXI. We have continued our adventures in FFXIV on Palamecia server. We are a well structured, easy going Linkshell that is always looking for loyal members.

At Prestige we offer opportunities for players of all levels and skill sets to collaborate & play together. Unlike most Linkshells on FFXIV we try to fight the stereo type that players are selfish and greedy. We have a "No member left behind" mentality. We invest in our own members that makes us stronger collectively and grants us the ability to succeed where others fail.

Type of LS: Dedicated | Endgame | Social
Linkshell Size: Small-Medium
Event Times: Events are generally 8pm-11pm. EST Mon-Fri and random times during weekends.
Events: Instanced Dungeons, HNMs, Leveling, Coffers
Leader: Smokey Mcpot
Officers: Rezzie Tarutaru, Phoenice Moonfang, Apollyon Apocalypsis

Classes In Demand: CNJ, THM, LNC
Crafts In Demand: CRP, CUL, WVR, LTR


If accepted, we ask that you link your lodestone profile with FFXIVpads and Guildwork. Only mature players that are 18 years or older may join.

Server: Lakshmi
Game: FFXI
user: Aurilius
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By Lakshmi.Aurilius 2012-02-20 10:55:24
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How often would you say you do content that isn't geared at level 50 only? My highest fighting class is 37 PUG, and my current linkshell does nothing but 50 content. I also have 42(soon to be 43) CUL, 43 ALC, and 50 fishing.

Also, dude where's my car? Sorry, couldn't help myself.
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By Katalya 2012-02-20 11:03:33
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Hi Aurilius,

We do some random events that does not require a level 50, such as Aeth Node gathering, 40-50 Spiritbond/Coffer parties. You are only a few levels to be able to participate there.

In reality, it is too easy to get a DoW or DoM to 50. While it is desired it is not required to apply. You could get 50 in a week or less.

LoL! Sweet!
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