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Constructive Analysis of Sales
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By Fenrir.Minjo 2011-12-05 13:56:10
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Seeing as how this recently came up in a thread, and was promptly deleted without commentary, I suppose the only way to get some definitive legislation on the subject is to create a thread in its honor.

Some of the most expensive items FFXI has to offer are often particularly useless in practical application, and fall almost entirely on a leg of aestheticism - be it through a sense of direct personal enjoyment, or the enjoyment felt when one can tote it as some manner of accomplishment.

Another near inarguable truth regarding in-game economics is that, given that fiscal distribution is often stretched farther than knowledge of the game's established mechanics and nuances, you inevitably end up with a large portion of wealthy players that have little to no idea how to intelligently spend their money.

Forums exist for the constructive exchange of information. As they pertain to FFXIAH, they exist to create a more informed, socially connected playerbase, even if at times the two seem mutually exclusive. Given the broad impact one's equipment choices and, moreover, one's financial allocation can have on their performance almost universally, I see no distinguishable line between a discussion concerning the most effective atma, and a discussion concerning the benefits - or lack thereof- of an inter or intra-server purchase.

At the present, there seems to be an arbitrary wedge between what the moderation of this forum considers constructive discussion, and what is held as disruptive injection into a particular topic hellbent on preserving the feelings of the OP.

If the moderation wishes to officially designate constructive, factual enlightenment into a potentially extraordinarily costly purchase as nothing but inappropriate commentary from a demand-disinterested audience, I'd like to hear how this decision came about. Seemingly groundless lines in the sand, as demonstrated a few hours ago, do not produce an informed playerbase, and if that isn't the premiere goal of this website, I think I'm under something of a misapprehension that needs correcting.
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By Ramuh.Krizz 2011-12-05 13:58:24
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The issue isn't the topic. It's your attitude while discussing said topic. Next time use the PM function to question why your posts are moderated. Locking thread.
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