Dhalmel Skins?

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Dhalmel skins?
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By Eluveitie 2011-11-18 13:36:07
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What is the best drop rate? I tried bub and tahrongi and altepa but all i got was more meat than i knew what to do with and not a single hide to skill 16-21.
By 2011-11-18 16:48:49
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By Bismarck.Axilla 2011-11-18 16:51:13
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Try out West Saru (S)
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By Eluveitie 2011-11-20 08:59:37
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Oh ya totally forgot West Saruta has dhalmel. Got limited luck in Tharongi only when i geared up my THF with full TH gear then i got a hide like every 10th mob -.- My advice to ppl skilling leather to 20+ take wolf fur to 19 (hides 483 at the guild) and skip these all together. The poor drop makes it take wy too long.
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