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Random question
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By Cerberus.Kalyna 2010-09-14 06:43:29
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How do you guys distribute stats as CON or THM?

I'm stuck in a dilema of wanting my first (and hopfully only) character to be Conjurer, Thau, Puglist and Lancer but Seeing as we do our own stats, i don't know if it's smart to make each stat equal for this.
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By Valefor.Slipispsycho 2010-09-14 17:11:45
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On Thau I put an emphasis on INT, followed closely by PTY, MND is sort of an after thought..

If I decide to spend all my points on magic (every few levels I'll put points into the melee stuff, mostly VIT) say I got 8 points, I'll put like 4 into INT, 3 into PTY and 1 into MND, just as an example, I just put them where I feel they need to go, but that's something I might do on a level.

On retail, I'll be going LNC til I'm well enough off to be able to afford ammo, then I'll go Archer (or probably Musketeer if it's actually there on release) I may level mage jobs a bit, bu t I'm going to focus on doing one set of classes well, which means most of my stats will be spent on STR, VIT and DEX
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