Caraboose NM For Armagedon And Masamune

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Caraboose NM for Armagedon and Masamune
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By Demerol25mg 2010-07-08 20:08:25
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Anyone killed this nm yet? If so, did everyone get 1~2 gem or you have to lot it? Fought this pixie on my last abyssea run. I'm pretty sure we could had killed it if we had rdms to chainspell stun it when it was @ 15%, then zerged it. It was a shout abyssea run too.

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By Hades.Ethereal 2010-07-08 20:20:49
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It will only drop 1-2 items. These weapons are like relic and mythic. You're gonna have to work for them. Besides, when has SE given us anything that bad *** for so little work?
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