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RUN Guide
Endeavoring to Awaken -- A Guide to Rune Fencer

Welcome to the (hopefully) definitive guide for Rune Fencer! Being a new job, it took some time and tinkering to come up with ways to incorporate RUN into endgame activities, and I needed to do some playing around and gather experience with the job before I was comfortable with building a comprehensive guide for it. The goal of this publication is to provide gear sets, guidance, and other worthwhile information pertaining to Rune Fencer. It will be kept up to date to the best of my ability. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may leave them in this thead or in a PM. So without further ado, let's get underway!

Section I - Introduction to Rune Fencer
Rune Fencers are each a part of an order of powerful men and women, each capable of controlling the ebb and flow of battle through the use of runes. Rune Fencers are capable of manipulating runes into offensive and defensive manifestations, "Effusions" and "Wards", to bolster their combat abilities as well as the defenses and resistances against magic for both themselves and their allies. Rune Fencers are also capable of casting several enhancing and divine magic spells to help bolster themselves and debilitate an enemy to keep their attention.

To begin your journey as a Rune Fencer, speak with Octavien in Eastern Adoulin to begin the quest, "Children of the Rune".

Section II - What can I do as a Rune Fencer?
Being that the job is still new, many people may still find themselves confused as to what role a Rune Fencer plays in party situations. While it is marketed as a tank job, and indeed most people still see it as such, I do not personally find that to be the only classification. Indeed, Rune Fencer is more of a damage dealer with support abilities as well as a potential tank. Rune Fencers are proficient with several weapons including swords and great swords, great swords being their forte. As such, they have access to a couple of very powerful weaponskills, Resolution and Requiescat. Resolution is among the best weaponskills available, it has an incredible damage potential that transcends almost every other weaponskill available to any weapon, and Rune Fencer is capable of reaching that potential. Requiescat is immensely useful for its utility, particularly on a lot of the more recently added NMs; its damage potential isn't nearly as high, however it has the special property of being able to bypass physical damage resistances and exploit certain types of magical weaknesses, making it very powerful in the right scenarios.

As far as support goes, Rune Fencer has access to a variety of powerful support abilities that affect both itself and its party members. Alone, a Rune Fencer can become a veritable wall thanks to abilities like Battuta and Vallation, and while in a party it has the ability to greatly bolster the magical defenses of nearby party members through the use of Valiance and One for All.

So yeah, overall I'd put Rune Fencer in the same slot as a normal DD, except along with the DPS that they can dish out, they can also help protect their party from powerful magic attacks through the use of their abilities. With the use of /NIN or /BLU, you'll be capable of taking the place of a Paladin for most fights that demand an actual tank to be present.

Section III - Abilities
As I've mentioned previously, Rune Fencer hosts a bevy of strong defensive abilities, as well as a couple of offensive ones, that help turn the tide of battle whenever strong magical opposition is expected. Using these abilities properly is key to being a good Rune Fencer, and knowing which runes and abilities to use to protect yourself and your party from status ailments and magical attacks is critical to your overall success as one.


Runes are the most basic of the abilities in your arsenal; they each provide their own benefits whilst shaping the effects of your Wards and Effusions, allowing you to sculpt out exactly what you want to do in terms of bolstering your defenses or debilitating an enemy. Starting at level 5, you may harbor a single rune at a time by using the "Rune Enchantment" ability; at level 35 you may harbor a second rune, and at 65 you may finally harbor a third rune. Runes will each add an additional effect of elemental damage which will match the element of rune that you're using whilst also increasing your elemental resistance toward the descendant element of the rune's element. Below is an image detailing the elemental wheel as well as an overview of what each rune does.

Ignis - Adds additional fire damage to melee attacks and increases your resistance against ice.
Gelus - Adds additional ice damage to melee attacks and increases your resistance against wind.
Flabra - Adds additional wind damage to melee attacks and increases your resistance against earth.
Tellus - Adds additional earth damage to melee attacks and increases your resistance against lightning.
Sulpor - Adds additional lightning damage to melee attacks and increases your resistance against water.
Unda - Adds additional water damage to melee attacks and increases your resistance against fire.
Lux - Adds additional light damage to melee attacks and increases your resistance against darkness.
Tenebrae - Adds additional darkness damage to melee attacks and increases your resistance against light.


As mentioned previously, Rune Fencers can shape runes into other, more powerful abilities. The first type that we will cover here are called "Wards", the defensive manifestations of runes. Using Wards, you can bolster the physical and magical defensive abilities of yourself and your party members. Let's take a look at what each of these Wards can do; as a general rule, Wards will not consume the runes that you currently have harbored.

Vallation [Level: 10][Duration: 2 minutes][Recast: 3 minutes][Effect: Reduces elemental damage. The types of elemental damage reduced depend on the runes you harbor.][Notes: -15% damage taken per rune. Stacks up to 45% with three of the same element rune. This effect is multiplicative with normal -MDT, i.e. if you have 50% MDT already, you do .5 * .55 = .275, or 72.5% magic damage reduction. Runeist Coat increases the duration of Vallation by 15 seconds.]

Pflug [Level: 40][Duration: 2 minutes][Recast: 3 minutes][Effect: Enhances status ailment resistance. The types of resistance enhanced depend upon the runes you harbor.][Notes: Gives you a very powerful resistance to whatever status ailments your runes would protect you from. For example, Ignis prevents Paralysis. Each rune will increase your resistance to its respective status ailment by 10%. using the previous example, three Ignis runes would increase your resistance to Paralysis by 30%. Runeist Bottes increase the potency of Pflug by 2% resist chance.]

Valiance [Level: 50][Duration: 3 minutes][Recast: 5 minutes][Effect: Reduces elemental damage for party members within area of effect. The types of elemental damage reduced depend on the runes you harbor.][Notes: -15% damage taken per rune. Stacks up to 45% with three of the same element rune. This effect is multiplicative with normal -MDT, i.e. if you have 50% MDT already, you do .5 * .55 = .275, or 72.5% magic damage reduction. Runeist Coat increases the duration of Valiance by 15 seconds.]

Battuta [Level: 75(Merit)][Duration: 1.5 minutes][Recast: 5 minutes][Effect: Greatly enhances parrying rate while adding a strong elemental spike effect to successful parries.][Notes: Base increase to parrying rate is 40% and each merit after the first will increase this by an additional 4%. Spike damage is reliant on how many same-element runes you have harbored at the time of activation and each merit after the first will increase the base damage by 4.]

Liement [Level: 85][Duration: 10 seconds or until damage absorbtion][Recast: 3 minutes][Effect: Absorbs elemental damage. The types of elemental damage absorbed depend on the runes you harbor.][Notes: Will absorb the full damage that would be dealt before stoneskin and -MDT of a single magical attack that hits you. For example, Sulpor will allow you to absorb Marine Mayhem or Waterga IV. Futhark Coat increases the duration of Liement by 2 seconds, Futhark Coat +1 increases the duration of Liement by 3 seconds. Epeolatry extends the effect of Liement to party members in an AoE around you.]


The second way that a Rune Fencer may enhance the strength of their runes is through "Effusions", which are the offensive manifestations of runes. Effusions can debilitate an enemy's magical defenses or deal magical damage to them directly. There's less of these than there are Wards, however they're just as powerful when used properly. Effusions, unlike Wards, will consume the runes that you have harbored, so be careful before using one!

Lunge [Level: 25][Duration: Instant][Recast: 3 minutes][Effect: Expends all runes to deal damage to a target.][Notes: If all three runes are the same element, Damage = (Main-hand weapon Skill * (0.5 + Number of Runes * 0.25)) * Number of Runes * Magic Multiplier Terms]

Swipe [Level: 25][Duration: Instant][Recast: 1.5 minutes][Effect: Expends the most recently applied rune to deal damage to a target.][Notes: Likely deals damage in a similar way to Lunge. Exact formula is unknown, however.]

Gambit [Level: 70][Duration: 1 minute][Recast: 5 minutes][Effect: Expends all runes harbored to reduce an enemy's elemental defense. The types of elemental defense reduced depend on the runes you harbor.][Notes: Increases the amount of magic damage taken from specific elements by 10% based on the runes that you have harbored. Harboring 3 of the same rune will increase damage to that element by 30%. Runeist Mitons increase the duration of Gambit by 10 seconds, Runeist Mitons +1 increase the duration of Gambit by 12 seconds.]

Rayke [Level: 75(Merit)][Duration: 1 minute][Recast: 3 minutes][Effect: Expends all runes harbored to reduce an enemy's elemental evasion. The types of elemental evasion reduced depend on the runes you harbor.][Notes: Decreases an enemy's magic evasion to whichever element that your currently harbored runes have attached; i.e. Ignis will reduce the target's fire resistance. The reduction amount is not currently quantified. Additional merits after the first increase the duration of this ability by 3 seconds each.]

Other Abilities

These are the abilities which are neither Wards nor Effusions and which have effects that are not based on harbored runes; they're just your normal run-of-the-mill job abilities.

Elemental Sforzo [Level: 1][Duration: 30s][Recast: 1 hour][Effect: Grants immunity to all magic attacks.][Notes: Analog to Invincible. Futhark Coat enhances Elemental Sforzo's duration by 10 seconds.]

Rune Enchantment [Level: 5][Duration: 3 minutes][Recast: 5 seconds][Effect: Harbors a rune.][Notes: Lv5: up to 1 rune, Lv35: up to 2 runes, Lv65: up to 3 runes]

Swordplay [Level: 20][Duration: 2 minutes][Recast: 5 minutes][Effect: Increases accuracy and evasion significantly until you take severe damage.][Notes: The potency of Swordplay's accuracy and evasion bonuses gradually increase by 3/tic (from activation) up to a maximum of 60 accuracy and evasion. This bonus will reset and start ticing back to 60 again after you take severe damage. Futhark Mitons and Futhark Mitons +1 enhance Swordplay.]

Embolden [Level: 60][Duration: 1 minute or until next enhancing spell][Recast: 10 minutes][Effect: Enhances the effects of the next enhancing magic spell you cast, but reduces effect duration.][Notes: Cuts duration in half and enhances power by 50%. Works on spells cast on you from other sources, but not spells that you cast on others.]

Vivacious Pulse [Level: 65][Duration: Instant][Recast: 1 minute][Effect: Restores the user's HP based on harbored runes.][Notes: Depending on the number and type of runes currently active, the user will recover HP. Each rune has an affinity with its elemental stat that increases the amount healed. For example, someone with Ignis active along with 150STR will heal more than someone with Ignis active along with 120STR. Tenebrae works differently; it heals for significantly less than any other rune, however it will also recover MP equal to the amount of HP healed. Erilaz Galea (+1) allows this to remove the following status effects: Poison, Paralyze, Blind, Silence, Mute, Curse, Bane, Doom, Virus, Plague, Petrification.]

One For All [Level: 95][Duration: 30 seconds][Recast: 5 minutes][Effect: Grants a powerful Magic Shield effect for party members within area of effect.][Notes: Reduces magic damage by a certain amount for the duration of the ability. The full number is unknown, but as an example, if you take three Flares for 750 damage each normally, if those three Flares were to hit you during the duration of One For All, you will only take 250 damage from each. Think of it as a very powerful Phalanx that only works for magic.]


While I've covered some of these already, and will cover some of the rest later on, this is a compilation of Rune Fencer's available merit abilities, traits, and enhancements.

Group 1

Rune Enchantment Effect - Enhances the elemental resistance potency of runes harbored by 2 points per merit.
Vallation Effect - Adds an additional -1% Magic damage taken to Vallation and +1 Magic Defense Bonus to Valiance per rune per merit based on the runes harbored.
Lunge Effect - Increases the magic accuracy of Lunge by 3 points per harbored rune per merit.
Pflug Effect - Enhances the chance of Pflug preventing a status ailment by 1% per merit.
Gambit Recast - Reduces the recast time of Gambit by 10 seconds per merit.

Group 2
Battuta - Job ability that increases your chance to parry by 40% + 4% per each additional merit and deals elemental spike damage on successful parries based on runes harbored at the time of activation. Damage dealt by the spikes is increased by 4% for each additional merit as well as by the number of same element runes harbored at the time of activation.
Rayke - Reduces the target's magic evasion to the elements based on your harbored runes by 5~10 per rune. Effect duration is increased by 3 seconds per additional merit.
Inspiration - Adds a powerful Fast Cast effect to Vallation and Valiance. The effect is 10% per merit for a total of 50% Fast Cast, and will transfer to any party member that you hit with Valiance. Futhark Trousers enhance Inspiration by adding an additional 2% fast cast per merit, up to an additional 10% for a total of 60% Fast Cast.
Sleight of Sword - Adds a subtle blow effect to swordplay. Don't know how much it adds, it's bad don't do it.

I recommend going 5/5 Pflug Effect, 5/5 Vallation Effect, 5/5 Battuta, putting at least one merit into Rayke, then spreading your remaining merits between Inspiration and Rayke depending on your total Fast Cast from gear. For further information, see the Fast Cast set in the Equipment section below.

Job Points

Elemental Sforzo Effect - Adds a chance to absorb elemental magic damage. Each point adds 2% chance. (Maximum: 20)
Odyllic Subterfuge Effect - Adds enemy MAB reduction to Odyllic Subterfuge. Each point reduces MAB by 2. (Maximum: 20)
Rune Enchantment Effect - Increases elemental resistance granted by each rune. Increase resistance by 1. (Maximum: 20)
Vallation Duration - Increases the duration of Vallation and Valiance by 1 second per point. (Maximum: 20)
Swordplay Effect - Increases maximum Swordplay benefit by 1 per point. (Maximum: 20)
Swipe Effect - Increases the effect of Greatsword skill on Swipe and Lunge. Each point increases the effect by 1%. (Maximum: 20)
Embolden Effect - Increases the effect of Enhancing Magic cast with Embolden by 1% per point. (Maximum: 20)
Vivacious Pulse - Increases the effect of Divine Magic on Vivacious Pulse by 1% per point. (Maximum: 20)
One for All Effect Duration - Increases the duration of One for All by 1 second per point. (Maximum: 20)
Gambit Effect Duration - Increases the duration of Gambit by 1 second per point (Maximum: 20)


Gifts are granted in a set order based on the total number of Job Points you have spent in the above categories.

Capacity point boosts are gained at 5, 25, 55, 95, 145, 205, 275, 355, 445, 545, 655, 775, 905, 1045, 1195, and 1355 Job Points. Starting at 5% each boost grants the same as the previous plus 2%. So 5%, 7%, 9%, etc up to 35%, for a cumulative 320% bonus at 1355 JP.

Gift Effect Job Points
Physical Defense Bonus Increases physical defence by 5. 5
Physical Attack Bonus Increases physical and ranged attack by 7. 10
Physical Evasion Bonus Increases physical evasion by 8. 20
Physical Accuracy Bonus Increases physical and ranged accuracy by 8. 30
Magic Defense Bonus Increases magic defense by 8. 45
Superior 1 Allows the equipping of Su1 gear. 50
Magic Evasion Bonus Increases magic evasion by 10. 60
Magic Accuracy Bonus Increases magic accuracy by 5. 80
Superior 2 Allows the equipping of Su2 gear. 100
Enh. Magic Received Duration Increases the duration of enhancing magic effects received by 10%. 100
Enhancing Magic Skill Bonus Increases enhancing magic skill by 5. 125
Inquartata Effect Increases parrying chance by 2%. 150
Physical Defense Bonus Increases physical defence by 8. 180
Physical Attack Bonus Increases physical and ranged attack by 11. 210
Physical Evasion Bonus Increases physical evasion by 12. 245
Physical Accuracy Bonus Increases physical and ranged accuracy by 12. 280
Magic Defense Bonus Increases magic defense by 12. 320
Magic Evasion Bonus Increases magic evasion by 15. 360
Magic Accuracy Bonus Increases magic accuracy by 8. 405
Enhancing Magic Skill Bonus Increases enhancing magic skill by 8. 450
Inquartata Effect Increases parrying chance by 2%. 500
New Spell: Temper Grants the ability to cast Temper. 550
Physical Defense Bonus Increases physical defense by 10. 605
Physical Attack Bonus Increases physical and ranged attack by 14. 660
Physical Evasion Bonus Increases physical evasion by 16. 720
Physical Accuracy Bonus Increases physical and ranged accuracy by 16. 780
Magic Defense Bonus Increases magic defense by 16. 845
Magic Evasion Bonus Increases magic evasion by 20. 910
Magic Accuracy Bonus Increases magic accuracy by 10. 980
Enhancing Magic Skill Bonus Increases enhancing magic skill by 10. 1050
Inquartata Effect Increases parrying chance by 2%. 1125
Enh. Magic Received Duration Increases the duration of enhancing magic effects received by 10%. 1200
Physical Defense Bonus Increases physical defense by 13. 1280
Physical Attack Bonus Increases physical and ranged attack by 18. 1360
Physical Evasion Bonus Increases physical evasion by 20. 1445
Physical Accuracy Bonus Increases physical and ranged accuracy by 20. 1530
Magic Defense Bonus Increases magic defense by 20. 1620
Magic Evasion Bonus Increases magic evasion by 25. 1710
Magic Accuracy Bonus Increases magic accuracy by 13. 1805
Enhancing Magic Skill Bonus Increases enhancing magic skill by 13. 1900
Inquartata Effect Increases parrying chance by 2%. 2000
★Master! Grants a job-specific designation.
Decreases the recast time of one-hour abilities by 15 minutes.

Section IV - Traits
Rune Fencer has many traits which are mostly based around enhancing its defensive power against status ailments and magic attacks. Here's what you can expect.

Trait Effect Potency at Level 99
Magic Defense Bonus Improves defense against magic. +22
Inquartata Increases base parry rate. +13%
Auto Regen Gradually restores HP. 3 HP/tick
Tactical Parry Grants TP when parrying an attack. 40 TP/parry
Accuracy Bonus Increases physical attack accuracy. +35
Inspiration Grants a Fast Cast bonus while under the effect of Vallation or Valiance. 10%/merit
Sleight of Sword Adds a Subtle Blow effect to Swordplay. +5/merit

erilaz leg guards and erilaz leg guards +1 grant Inquartata +1/+2 respectively, for a 2% and 4% further increase in base parrying rate.

futhark trousers and futhark trousers +1 both add an additional 2% Fast Cast per Inspiration merit.

futhark mitons and futhark mitons +1 augment Sleight of Sword in some way. Probably more Subtle Blow. Nobody's cared enough to find out thus far, but if you have merits to burn and really want to find out...

Section V - Spells
Rune Fencer has access to a fairly wide arsenal of enhancing magic spells, in addition to a very limited amount of divine magic. Using these spells, Rune Fencers can increase their defensive ability substantially even without the aid of others. Let's take a look at their repertoire.

Notes on Elemental Barspells: If skill is under 300, Resistance = 40 + floor(Enhancing Magic Skill/5) If skill is over 300, Resistance = 25 + floor(Enhancing Magic Skill/4 ) Duration (Seconds) = 150 + 0.8*(Enhancing Magic Skill - 180)

Notes on Status Ailment Barspells: Potency of status ailment barspells is unknown. Duration (seconds) = Enhancing Magic Skill × 2

Section VI - Equipment
A good Rune Fencer will have several sets to carry around for various situations. Below, I'll go over the weapons and armor that you should strive to collect in order to be the best RUN possible.


Your go-to weapon class in most situations, boasting an A+ skill ranking and wide selection of options to choose from. Rune Fencer's artifact, JSE, and legendary weapons are all greatswords.

An absolute beast of a greatsword. Getting one is no walk in the park, however. You'll need Legend rank in every Coalition and a bevy of SoA items on top of that just to get the base version. That alone is already an amazing piece of tanking kit with the massive PDT II-25%, but you can now upgrade the weapon further for additional damage, skill, and enmity. Nothing comes close for tanking and with a Mythic-style OA2-3 level 3 Aftermath it's an imposing DD weapon as well.

The Aeonic greatsword, obtained after a quest line that involves killing every NM in the Escha zones and Reisenjima. This is RUN's more DD-oriented legendary weapon, eclipsing all other options when damage is your primary focus. Not only does it significantly pump up Resolution damage, but it grants Resolution the light skillchain property. Under aftermath, you can take that a step further for a radiance skillchain. However, bear in mind that it's completely devoid of defensive stats for tanking.

RUN's JSE weapon, obtained from Oboro. An additional 10% enmity generated, about an 8% increase in Lunge and Swipe damage (the Lunge +10 adds 0.1 to the base rune multiplier in the Lunge/Swipe calculation), and a cool -5% physical damage II taken? SE threw us a bone. You can now augment Aettir by trading Oboro 300 Plutons, Beitetsu, or Riftborn Boulders, adding 70 accuracy, 50 magic evasion, and weaponskill damage+10% to an already solid weapon. A great investment for tanking high level content.

Very high base damage weapon with some modest tanking stats mixed in. That said it drops from Reisenjima HELM NM Schah, so if this weapon is reasonably attainable for you then Lionheart is probably well within reach too.

RUN's other Reisenjima weapon, drops from Sarsaok. This one is augmentable, so if you're willing to invest in some (many) stones this has the potential to be a formidable weapon indeed.

Drops from Escha-Ru'aun T1 NM Amymome. Interesting Liement duration bonus, but also augmentable with Eschalixirs along four different paths. All of them offer D+30 (or in path D's case, +32) and a couple of other stats on the side. 291-293 damage, 480 delay, big chunk of HP and some -DT, the potential for a solid boost in acc, not bad at all.

Montante +1
This greatsword and its NQ brother drop from Unity NM Sarama. A great offensive weapon with a little bit of extra HP on top.

A potential drop from first wave Arciela in Sinister Reign, augmented with up to DMG+15, STR+10, acc+10, and attack+10. With full augments this weapon can really pump up your weaponskill damage, and has a bit of enmity+ and magic evasion+ on the side. Bear in mind that SR augments are random; obtaining a max augment Humility could take many runs.

Nibiru Faussar
Drops from Brittlis in Escha-Zi'tah. Augmentable like Bidenhander, but mediocre augment paths, low base damage, and a somewhat awkward delay ultimately hold this weapon back. The cure potency received+10% and Aquaveil+1 bonuses are novel, but fail to redeem it for general use.

The new skirmish v2.0 system allows heavy customization of the stats of this sword to suit your particular needs, including the potential to increase the base damage by up to +36. An easy to get weapon that can potentially tide you over for some time.

Drops from Putraxia in Vagary. Not quite the top-notch melee weapon it once was, but still a decent way to pump up your Swipe/Lunge damage if the situation favors such use.

Passable base damage and favorable delay as well as very nice additional stats, but it has low skill compared to other options. With its 15 Magic Attack Bonus, 2% Triple Attack, and a little bit of extra accuracy and evasion from DEX and AGI, augment it with Accuracy and Occasionally Attacks Twice and this will make a solid starter weapon. On top of that, isn't very difficult to get. All you need to do is get all six wildkeeper reive key items and trade them in for it, or maybe you'll get lucky and have it drop directly from Hurkan's reive. A decent early option, but you can do much better nowadays without much trouble.

Beorc Sword
This is your artifact weapon. It's the bottom of the barrel, completely entry level great sword. You should get a better weapon as soon as possible, if not bypass it entirely given the easily available alternatives.

Whenever you're wearing a two handed weapon, you will also be wearing one of these. RUN has a wide selection of grips and, unlike most other two handed jobs, will have to swap them out depending on their role in the fight. DD grips will be denoted by red font while tank grips will be denoted by blue font.

Pole Grip
This is the easiest to obtain DD-oriented grip. It provides a minor boost to double attack and can be obtained via several Kindred Seal battlefields or, more reasonably, purchased from the Auction House for a very cheap price.

Rose Strap
This grip is also relatively easy to obtain, but it can be very time consuming. It provides a boost to store TP and is obtained for 30,000 Allied Notes from the Iron Rams Campaign provisioner (45,000 if you are a Cobra or Musketeer) if you hold a Starlight Medal or greater decoration. This is generally only worth getting if you have the rank already as the time it takes to reach Starlight Medal is significant and there are better options than this grip.

Duplus Grip
A minor upgrade over Pole Grip. It drops from Paramount Naraka in Legion or can be purchased for a low price from the Auction House.

Bloodrain Strap
Rose Strap's big brother, and generally the second best grip that you can wear for DD purposes. Obtained as a drop from Ark Angel Hume in either his own Hard Mode battlefield or Escha - Ru'Aun.

Tzacab Grip
A reasonable grip if you're missing some accuracy, as it provides a modest boost to that while also giving you a nice chunk of HP. Drops from Hurkan's Wildskeeper Reive and can be obtained a variety of other ways related to Wildskeeper Reives.

Flanged Grip
Similar to Tzacab, this grip is good if you need some extra accuracy. This one sacrifices a tiny bit less offense by providing 1% Double Attack, however it also doesn't provide any defensive benefits. Drops from Warder of Justice in Escha - Ru'Aun.

Refined Grip(+1)
Both the NQ and HQ versions of this grip are exceptional for any situation where you need a defensive grip. Providing a mix of damage mitigation and extra HP, it is nearly unparalelled for its purpose. It may be obtained by opening Voso's Coffers (clv128 UNM) in either its NQ or HQ form, and the NQ may be upgraded to HQ by trading 10,000 unity accolades and 50 Voso Hides to a designated Unity NPC.

Mesch Strap(+1)
More niche in use than Refined, however if you find yourself lacking in PDT and at an excess of MDT, then this grip will help you balance out the load while also providing a cool Regen +3 on top as a little bonus. Obtaining either one can potentially be difficult; you may need to find a high level Leathercrafter just to make it as they are not often crafted. The HQ will be extraordinarily expensive while the NQ should be very cheap as long as you can make it yourself or find a friend who can.

Utu Grip
The king of all grips. Besides the enormous boosts to attack and accuracy, you also get a very unique and fairly potent boost to all of your weaponskills: when this grip is equipped, it adds a +10% DEX modifier to every weaponskill (and increases those who already have a DEX mod, such as Dimidiation). As if the offensive benefits weren't potent enough, provided you don't need the DT-3% or PDT-5% on Refined or Mensch, HP+70 is of strong defensive merit in comparison to other grips, making this technically best in slot for both offense and defense.

Your secondary weapon class, with an A ranking and slightly more limited selection of weaponry. It's worthwhile to keep some swords on hand for specialized purposes. Savage Blade is a decent weaponskill, Requiescat opens up different skillchain opportunities with its Darkness/Gravitation properties and deals typeless damage, and Sanguine Blade is a nice utility WS. This is also RUN's only option for a piercing damage weapon.

Flyssa +1
Accuracy, divine magic skill, some PDT, this is a great sword (not a greatsword!) for RUN. You can dual wield it with the NQ flyssa for even more of the same. Drops from unity NM Shedu.

High base damage, substantial attack and DA, even a bit of enmity+. Berserk duration bonus isn't terribly relevant to RUN, but it's there if you happen to be /WAR. Drops from Reisenjima HELM NM Onychophora.

Great for Savage Blade and even Sanguine Blade to a lesser extent. Drops from Kirin in Escha-Ru'aun.

Drops from Teodor in Sinister Reign, augmentable with up to DMG+15, STR+10, INT+10, and Occult Acumen+10. Great for Sanguine Blade, Swipe/Lunge, and it deals piercing damage as well.

Fettering Blade
Vampirism's slightly less interesting cousin, from the Dawn HTBF. It does grant some accuracy and macc, however.

Usonmunku has fallen by the wayside with the availability of newer blades, but it's easy to get.

Blurred Sword +1
A solid, albeit expensive offhand. Occasionally attacks twice allows you to spam Sanguine Blade and Savage Blade to your heart's content.

Great Axes
RUN doesn't get very many of these, only gets a B skill ranking, and has a very limited selection of Great Axe weaponskills, but you might find it worthwhile to keep one on hand for Fell Cleave.

Beheader +1
RUN has access to a total of four Great Axes at the 242 skill mark and this is the best of the bunch. Fell Cleave nearly sharing a weaponskill set with Resolution means this brings a lot of utility to the table for just one inventory slot. Drops from Borealis Shadow.

Dipping down to a B- ranking now and the pickings are slim, but these weapons do have one notable perk: skillchain options. Ruinator and Decimation are solid, STR-based, multihit Distortion and Fusion weaponskills, respectively. Consider keeping one on hand for CP parties and any weaker content where reliable SCs are more important than whatever other benefits another weapon might provide.

Drops from Podarge in Marjami Delve, or purchased via plasm.

Tramonte Axe
Drops from Garuda HTBF.

Blunt damage. That's about it. RUN doesn't even get access to any of the good weaponskills. Maybe worthwhile if you're desperate to break a Caturae shield or the like and Requiescat wasn't enough/is unavailable, but that's about it.

Loxotic Mace +1
Drops from Grand Grenade, along with the NQ.

Note: TP and weaponskill categories will each contain several sets, starting from the weakest and ending with the strongest for each slot. I attempted to make these sets with both strength-per-slot and progression in mind, starting with what I believe to be the easiest to jump in to content and ending with the most difficult; Generally tier I is for players just entering endgame and includes Escha - Zi'tah, Alluvion Skirmish, and similar pieces, II is for players who can handle High Tier Battlefields and Escha - Ru'Aun, III incorporates Omen and Reisenjima items, and IV includes the highest cost gear and generally assumes perfect, or nearly perfect, augments. Notes will be provided under each category for further details about augments, alternative options, etc.. As we live in an age with highly variable random augments and remarkably expensive equipment (both time and gil wise), making these sets as absolutes is nearly impossible. Please use the sets that follow as general guidelines.

It is highly encouraged to evaluate your own personal gear options, taking into account your augments and other factors, by using the RUN DPS spreadsheet located here:


The link above does not allow for public editing. If you want to compare sets, you'll need to either download the sheet or import it into your own Google Drive and make a copy.

Skillchains are currently not accounted for, and it lacks data on newer monsters. Other than that, this spreadsheet will accomplish the task of accurately simulating gear choices and DPS potential when used with proper thought and attention to detail. It is easy to edit and add new pieces of equipment or theoretical test monsters. Please ask if you have any further questions.

Damage Dealing sets
Some notes on gearing and playstyle before getting into actual sets:

If hitrate and damage taken/status resistance are not a concern, Thaumas Coat is RUN's best TP body. I have not included it in any of the sets below due to its difficulty to properly employ in battle ever since iLevel stat bloat.

RUN's primary weaponskill, Resolution, scales very well with additional TP. This grants substantial leeway in holding TP without compromising damage output. Furthermore, it strongly rewards STP gear beyond what is needed to achieve a 5-hit build even when WSing as soon as possible. Dimidiation does not scale quite as effectively, but it will still accomodate holding TP without severely compromising damage output.

4-hit builds are generally not worthwhile; the small increase in WS frequency does not offset the losses in white damage or per-WS damage. There are potential exceptions (notably for Lionheart) in low accuracy situations with very good gear when using Resolution, though the gains are slight.

Lionheart is also an exception with regards to holding TP. TP bonus+500, in combination with overflow TP and (preferably) Moonshade Earring, results in a very high effective TP value for each WS. Lionheart also grants Resolution the light and (with appropriate aftermath) radiance skillchain properties, further encouraging rapid TP expenditure. It is advised that you spend your TP as soon as possible.

ItemSet 348441 ItemSet 348442 ItemSet 348443 ItemSet 348465
Standard TP gear. Does not take in to account high Evasion monsters. Ogma's Cape is augmented with DEX+20 ACC+20 ATK+20 Store TP+10 in each of these sets; STR+20 is also acceptable if you feel you will not need the extra Accuracy from DEX or you have more than one Ambuscade TP cape.

ItemSet 348444 ItemSet 348469
Potential accuracy swaps for each slot in two different difficulty-to-obtain varieties. Please note: you should not wear all of this gear at once, as if you have to it means that your support is not sufficient and you probably shouldn't be attempting to kill whatever it is you're hitting via melee damage. General order that slots should be swapped out: Ammo > Head > Neck > Waist > Feet > Earring (Brutal) > Legs > everything else. Carmine Gear is all augmented along path B or D. Adhemar Gear is all augmented along path A.

ItemSet 348445 ItemSet 348446 ItemSet 348447 ItemSet 348472 ItemSet 348448
Resolution gear. Does not take in to account very high Evasion monsters. Ogma's Cape should be augmented with STR+20 ACC+20 ATK+20 Double Attack+10%.

ItemSet 348449 ItemSet 348450 ItemSet 348451 ItemSet 348473 ItemSet 348452
Dimidiation gear. Does not take in to account very high Evasion monsters. Ogma's Cape should be augmented with DEX+20 ACC+20 ATK+20 Weaponskill Damage+10%.

ItemSet 348453
Lunge gear. Carmine Scale Mail (+1) is augmented down path D. Herculean Helm and Herculean Feet are assumed to be augmented with a moderate to high amount of Magic Attack Bonus. Leyline Gloves are assumed to have a perfect, or nearly perfect, Magic Attack Bonus augment. Shneddick Tights can be swapped out for perfect or near perfect Herculean pants or Limbo trousers. Argocham. Mantle can be replaced by Evasionist's Cape or Toro cape as lesser alternatives. Crematio Earring can be swapped with Hecate's Earring or similar if you do not have it. Carmine Scale Mail(+1) can be swapped with Vanir Cotehardie, Sombra Harness (+1), Count's Garb, Rawhide Vest, Lapidary Tunic, or Samnuha coat.

Tanking sets
Since RUN is primarily a tank job, we obviously need tank gear! Here are some sets to get you started.

ItemSet 348457 ItemSet 348458
These are the bread and butter PDT sets needed to keep you alive against heavy hitting targets. Set 1 has some harder to get pieces, while set 2 provides some alternatives. Both sets cap PDT and provide some extra MDT on top for things like enspells in addition to maximizing parry rate and providing a chance to absorb damage. Note: DT- augments on Herculean gear are exceptionally rare, especially the -4% augments that are needed for the first set. It takes a lot of stones, and patience, to cap those two pieces.

ItemSet 348460 ItemSet 348459 ItemSet 348477 ItemSet 348478 ItemSet 348479
Rune Fencer excels at reducing and resisting every element of magic, however you will still need help from some equipment to survive the strongest of enemies. Set 1 is just a basic MDT+MDB set that assumes you don't have Emboldened Shell V. Set 2, on the other hand, does assume that you have Emboldened Shell V and offers additional chance at absorbing magic damage. Set 3 is your emergency button, if your Shell is dispelled right before a big magic attack, you'll be glad to have a set that caps MDT on its own. Set 4 is built around pure magic evasion; Rune Fencer doesn't normally need this kind of set, but it can be useful in certain situations where you expect to be taking so much magic damage that mere mitigation would not be sufficient. Set 5 is one of the most integral of all of them: with Tenacity included, this set allows Rune Fencer to resist over 50% of status ailments (assuming Ribbon is at least 5%) before accounting for normal magic evasion, elemental resistance, or Pflug, a powerful tool to have access to for monsters like Albumen who put out a lot of status ailments at once.

ItemSet 348454
Enmity set. This is the highest amount of enmity currently available for Rune Fencer. Almost every slot has an alternative of equal or lesser value, so use your discretion as to which pieces are worth inventory space or which ones have easier to get alternatives. You absolutely need a set like this for things like Flash and Foil.

Utility sets
This section covers any set that isn't used strictly for dealing damage or tanking.

ItemSet 348482 ItemSet 348480 ItemSet 348484
Idle sets. Each set offers more or less of either Regen, Refresh, or DT-. I personally prefer set 3, but you can mix/match and have multiple idle sets for various situations.

ItemSet 348481
Rune Fencer has an enormous amount of fast cast at its disposal from both gear and job abilities. Depending on how much Fast Cast you get via your gearset, you can drop merits out of Inspiration and stick them in to Rayke for extra duration. For enhancing magic, you will want to use Futhark Trousers +1. Runeist's Bandeau 3 is interchangeable with Carmine Mask +1 augmented down the correct path as well as a Herculean Helm augmented with Fast Cast +6%. The body should be augmented with more Fast Cast, and if you haven't got the augments that you're looking for you can swap it out with a Fast Cast augmented Mirke Wadercors or Dread Jupon. Other alternatives include Etiolation Earring, Weatherspoon Ring, Rawhide Trousers, Orvail pants +1, Voltsurge Torque, and Rahab ring.

ItemSet 348455
Enhancing magic gear. Provides the maximum potency for barspells, Temper, etc.; for Phalanx you want to try to get your hands on a set of Taeon (or dark matter infused Herculean) with Phalanx+ augments (the head can be Futhark Bandeau +1), and similar for Regen and Refresh. For Emboldened spells, you would do best to switch some skill gear out for duration+ gear such as Erilaz Galea +1 and Futhark Trousers +1. The swords are only applicable if you can stand to lose your TP, otherwise skip them.

ItemSet 348456
Currently this is the maximum available Divine Magic Skill+ gear for Rune Fencer, which enhances Vivacious Pulse's healing potency. Erilaz Galea +1 allows Vivacious Pulse to remove one random status ailment that can be removed via -na spell.

For GearSwap users, here's a link to my basic RUN lua: http://pastebin.com/BNRmDPeT
Ashitacast users can find Kanryu's file here: http://pastebin.com/00QyCMjJ

Section VII - Sub Jobs
Rune Fencer has a few sub jobs that could be seen as "useful", however in most situations you'll be sticking to just one or two different ones. In this section, I will go over which sub jobs are useful for Rune Fencer, and when to apply them.

/SAM: A sort of Hybrid sub job. It won't always be worth more damage to sub SAM over DRK (unless you plan on capping attack, in which case SAM is the best choice), however SAM sub offers some extra utility that DRK sub can not. Seigan and Third Eye make a great emergency defense combo, and Zanshin is nice if you happen to fall under the hit rate cap.

/DRK: Due to the recent addition and buffs to Smite, subbing DRK has never been a better choice. In addition to a staggering passive bonus of 14.8% attack, you also gain access to Last Resort, Weapon Bash, and some minor hate accruing spells such as Stun.

/BLU: On anything where you expect to take a lot of physical damage, and shadows will either be a waste of time or ineffective, BLU sub is your best defensive sub job. You can access to the potent Cocoon spell which buffs your defense by 50% in addition to a bevy of enmity generating spells (including AoE ones!) and niche traits such as Resist Sleep and some basic Killer effects.

/NIN: The second best option for tanking. If you're fighting something with a lot of big, ponderous single target attacks, consider subbing Ninja. RUN can cap both the recast and casting time reduction on Utsusemi fairly effortlessly, allowing you to basically chaincast shadows as necessary.

/WHM: The spells that you gain access to, notable status removal, cures, and Haste, make white mage a very strong candidate for when you're solo or in a very low man situation. Being able to heal yourself, remove a bad status ailment, and haste yourself more than makes up for the loss of offensive power by switching from /SAM when you're squaring off one-on-one with some big baddy.

/DNC: Dancer is an okay sub if you're solo or lowman. The benefits of waltzes, sambas, and steps may be useful to you in some scenarios, and dual wield could be nice if you have to slap on a sword to do some Requiescat. It should be your best sub for Dynamis, but I wouldn't advise this for endgame or other big group activities.

/SCH: This looks good on paper, but overall you end up gaining less from /SCH than you do from /WHM. In exchange for Haste and Dia II, you gain slightly reduced MP costs and a bit better potency for Cure III. Meh.

/WAR: This one is not very good for Rune Fencer. Berserk, Warcry, Aggressor, and Double Attack don't overcome the benefits of Hasso, Store TP, Meditate, and Zanshin for damage dealing purposes, and Defender doesn't come close to Cocoon or Utsusemi. Provoke is entirely unnecessary. Pass this one up.

/RDM: Not very useful. You have most every single spell that red mage can use already, you cap Fast Cast with Inspiration and a decent fast cast set. Any other spell that red mage can cast that you don't have naturally, white mage can cast too while providing many more. Skip this one.

Section VIII - Conclusion

With any luck, this guide will help you make the right decisions on Rune Fencer and take you where you want to go! Once again, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, drop a line in this thead or via PM. Thanks for taking the time to read, and have a great time playing one of the most fun jobs in FFXI!
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