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RDM Gearswap

Gearswap RDM template
Requires Shortcuts Add-On

Hello, here's a RDM gearswap template with some bells and whistles. It's what I currently use and was a way to save some macro space.
Let me know if you have any troubles with it or if there is stuff missing you'd like. Or if you just like it or hate it...

If you are new to gearswap or a bit overwhelmed, check out Byrne's video

RDM.lua -- All your gearsets and keybindings etc. (Put your gear in here, you can rename this to "CharacterName_RDM.lua")
RDM_Lib.lua -- Code (don't change this) (DO NOT change the name of this file.)

Notable Features

  • HUD to display current modes

  • Idle, engaged and nuking modes (Normal, acc, dt, mdt, etc..) Customizable to your liking

  • Keybind support for various commands

  • Grimoire agnostic stratagem (so you can make 1 macro that works in both arts)

  • Auto Echo drops

  • Auto CP cape when not master and fighting Apex mobs (switch when mob has less than 15% hp)

  • Cycle function to go through and save an Element for nuking and enspells separately

  • Cycle Main hand and sub weapons to configure idle+engaged weapon combos

  • Downrank nuke tier if the wanted tier is on recast

  • Element matching for MBing any SC

Any of the following function (gs c something) can be macro'd as "/console gs c something"

/sch Job Abilities Macros
  • macro: /console gs c scholar aoe

  • will cast Accession in LA or Manifestation in DA, etc.

  • See below for the list of commands.

  • Note: using LA or DA macro while being under the correct arts will cast addendum.

Here's the possible macros for /sch JAs:

Element Cycle functions
gs c nuke cycle                 Cycles element type for nuking
gs c nuke cycledown             Cycles element type for nuking in reverse order    
gs c nuke enspellup             Cycles element type for enspell
gs c nuke enspelldown		Cycles element type for enspell in reverse order 

Casting Macros

For the rest, I use normal ingame macro and gearswap keybinds.

How to Keybind things

Refer to this link for the windower supported keybindings

Below is the keybinds I use. You can change them in the RDM.lua if you want.

Some important keybinds:
ALT-END: Toggles lite mode UI on/off
CTRL-END: Toggles keybinds helper on /off
INS or DEL: Cycle up or down the Nuking Element wheel.
HOME or PgUP: Cycle up or down the Enspell Element wheel.

Things you don't need to Keybind:
MB nuking mode: It'll swap on automatically (displayed in HUD) when a SC is detected along the burst window timer.
Carmine Cuissses +1: They equip as soon as you are moving.

To Do: Aftermath sets: I don't have a REMA on rdm yet ;_; so atm I haven't done the aftermath sets, if its something you want / need let me know cause I'll need your help to test it for me.

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Author: Elizabet
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