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On Healing Hands

On Healing Hands - A Comprehensive WHM Guide V2

Part 1 - Introduction - “So… I hear you enjoy healing!”
White Mages are masters and mistresses of the healing arts. No class in the game can heal as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as a White Mage. With defensive job abilities and traits, the most powerful Cures, several status recovering methods, and a wide variety of enhancing magic - it is difficult to compete with a White Mage on the defensive scale. If fast paced spike heals and a challenge to keep your allies alive and unhindered in even the most desperate of situations is your cup of tea, than White Mage is for you.

White Mages is one of those classes where you are more dependent on your knowledge and your wits than you are in your gear. Does this mean gear is less important for a White Mage? Not at all, but a lack of gear can be made up with quick reflexes and prior knowledge to an encounter. It doesn’t matter if you have the best gear in the world if you do not realize that one of your party members is petrified thanks to a Rock Smash from an opposing troll or if your entire offensive line is paralyzed thanks to a potent Roar from a tiger. Not only are there reactive measures, there are also preventative measures a White Mage can employ. You see that notorious monster readying a highly damaging Area of Effect attack? Prepare that Curaga IV and watch as your parties HP goes from red back to white in an instant.

Where a White Mage truly shines is in large scale melees with huge spike numbers. White Mages are capable of revitalizing your entire front line by themselves, and with a little support can keep up that scale of healing indefinitely.

In this guide, you will find a comprehensive review of many of the spells and abilities White Mages bring to table. Included in this review are optimized gear sets as well as good and easier to acquire alternatives for some equipment.

All the gear and sets posted in this are a personal preference, and there are numerous play-styles out there that may prefer different sets entirely (Conserve MP vs Max Potency)

Basic Gear

I won't be posting gearsets that use the Old Relic or Artifact gears but will use the reforged versions instead, below is the sets that show the old gear and their upgraded counterparts. This should hopefully give some new and veteran players an idea on which pieces you may wish to upgrade and which pieces you could avoid altogether.

Reforged AFReforged AF+1Reforged AF+2Reforged AF+3
ItemSet 329623ItemSet 329624ItemSet 348539ItemSet 348538

Reforged RelicReforged Relic+1
ItemSet 329626ItemSet 329627

Reforged EmpyreanReforged Empyrean+1
ItemSet 340803ItemSet 340804

The cool kids weapons

Mjollnir Obtained with dynamis Currency, known as a relic weapon.

Yagrush Obtained via a Aht Urgan quest, known as a mythic weapon.

Gambanteinn Obtained via the moogle magian trials, known as an empyrean weapon.

Sindri Obtained by trading a Cehuetzi Pelt, a Darksteel Mace, a Darksteel Maul, and 150 of either Plutons, Beitetsu, or Riftborn Boulders to Oboro in Port Jeuno (E-6), known as a JSE (Job specific equipement) weapon.

Tishtrya Obtained by completing a series of quest after the ending of the rhapsodies of Vanadiel, known as an Aeonic weapon.

Credit to RagnarokGhishlain for creating the original guide, I've used some of the information from his original guide (namely Job Abilities) and updated a few bits here and there on spells.Credit to CerberusConagh for keeping the guide updated up to 2015 and the general look and informations in it.

Change Log
10/11/15 jlkjhkkj

* Krystela of Asura (Disregardhope) now update this guide

Credit to Tchukart for the artwork
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