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THF Job Basics
Version Notes: Mostly current for the May 2014 update. Sorry :( this guide is no longer being updated!

Table of Contents
I. Thief Basics
II. Subjobs
III. Thief Roles in Endgame Content
IV. Treasure Hunter
V. Equipment
VI. Conclusion

Section I. Thief Basics

Job Traits
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Job Abilities
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Group 1:
5/5 Triple Attack; this nearly doubles your Triple Attack rate and is a huge boost to your DPS.
5/5 Sneak Attack or Trick Attack or some combination of the two, your preference.
Neither Flee nor Hide get enough endgame usage to warrant any cooldown reduction, even if 10 seconds less on SA doesn't sound like a lot compared to the 50 seconds you could get elsewhere.

Group 2:
4+ in Feint, to help TH gain.
1/5 Aura Steal can be useful but is not mandatory. If you have the augmented assassin's bonnet +2, you may want to consider more to get the most use out of the hat.
Put the rest in Assassin's Charge. This largely depends on what weapons you have, particularly a Mandau or a Twashtar. If you have one of those two, their weaponskills are greatly enhanced by this ability, so go 5/5. If you're stuck with Exenterator or Evisceration, 4/5 or less is fine.
Skip Ambush, for reasons I mentioned in its section.
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