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NIN Enmity 10/2018 - Andartia with Enmity +10. Perhaps an unrealistic use for the Andartia currently, Agema cape would be a valid alternative.
Item Name AH Price Stock
Mochi. Kyahan +3
Moonlight Necklace 35000000 3
Trux Earring
Aqreqaq Bomblet 40000 1
Pernicious Ring
Eihwaz Ring 2000000 0
Andartia's Mantle
Zoar Subligar +1
Emet Harness +1
Trance Belt 10000 0
Cryptic Earring
Fudo Masamune 200000000 1
Kurys Gloves
Versa Celata +1 500000 0
Count: 15 (237550000 Gil)
input /equip feet "Mochi. Kyahan +3";
input /equip main "Nagi";
input /equip neck "Moonlight Necklace";
input /equip ear1 "Trux Earring";
input /equip ammo "Aqreqaq Bomblet";
input /equip ring1 "Pernicious Ring";
input /equip ring2 "Eihwaz Ring";
input /equip back "Andartia's Mantle";
input /equip legs "Zoar Subligar +1";
input /equip body "Emet Harness +1";
input /equip waist "Trance Belt";
input /equip ear2 "Cryptic Earring";
input /equip sub "Fudo Masamune";
input /equip hands "Kurys Gloves";
input /equip head "Versa Celata +1";
Gearswap Set
sets["NIN Enmity 10/2018"] = {
    sub="Fudo Masamune",
    ammo="Aqreqaq Bomblet",
    head="Versa Celata +1",
    neck="Moonlight Necklace",
    ear1="Trux Earring",
    ear2="Cryptic Earring",
    body="Emet Harness +1",
    hands="Kurys Gloves",
    ring1="Pernicious Ring",
    ring2="Eihwaz Ring",
    back="Andartia's Mantle",
    waist="Trance Belt",
    legs="Zoar Subligar +1",
    feet="Mochi. Kyahan +3"