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Magic Burst HQ2 - Merlinic pieces need 10 MBD to cap. Can swap Static Earring if needed. Amalric Nails and Doublet +1 are interchangable.
Item Name AH Price Stock
Alber Strap
Pemphredo Tathlum 0
Merlinic Hood
Mizu. Kubikazari
Locus Ring 0
Barkaro. Earring
Merlinic Jubbah 0
Amalric Gages +1
Mujin Band 200000 10
Friomisi Earring 500000 5
Taranus's Cape
Refoccilation Stone
Amalric Slops +1
Amalric Nails +1
Count: 15 (700000 Gil)
input /equip main "Lathi";
input /equip sub "Alber Strap";
input /equip ammo "Pemphredo Tathlum";
input /equip head "Merlinic Hood";
input /equip neck "Mizu. Kubikazari";
input /equip ring1 "Locus Ring";
input /equip ear1 "Barkaro. Earring";
input /equip body "Merlinic Jubbah";
input /equip hands "Amalric Gages +1";
input /equip ring2 "Mujin Band";
input /equip ear2 "Friomisi Earring";
input /equip back "Taranus's Cape";
input /equip waist "Refoccilation Stone";
input /equip legs "Amalric Slops +1";
input /equip feet "Amalric Nails +1";
Gearswap Set
sets["Magic Burst HQ2"] = {
    sub="Alber Strap",
    ammo="Pemphredo Tathlum",
    head="Merlinic Hood",
    neck="Mizu. Kubikazari",
    ear1="Barkaro. Earring",
    ear2="Friomisi Earring",
    body="Merlinic Jubbah",
    hands="Amalric Gages +1",
    ring1="Locus Ring",
    ring2="Mujin Band",
    back="Taranus's Cape",
    waist="Refoccilation Stone",
    legs="Amalric Slops +1",
    feet="Amalric Nails +1"