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Weather cure with Af3
Item Name AH Price Stock
Kaykaus Mitra
Kaykaus Boots
Esper Stone +1 700000 2
Achaq Grip 10000 1
Chatoyant Staff 2000000 1
Ebers Pant. +1
Twilight Cape
Janniston Ring
Lebeche Ring
Kaykaus Cuffs
Ebers Bliaud +1
Glorious Earring
Nourish. Earring +1
Incanter's Torque
Count: 15 (2710000 Gil)
input /equip head "Kaykaus Mitra";
input /equip feet "Kaykaus Boots";
input /equip ammo "Esper Stone +1";
input /equip sub "Achaq Grip";
input /equip main "Chatoyant Staff";
input /equip legs "Ebers Pant. +1";
input /equip waist "Hachirin-no-Obi";
input /equip back "Twilight Cape";
input /equip ring1 "Janniston Ring";
input /equip ring2 "Lebeche Ring";
input /equip hands "Kaykaus Cuffs";
input /equip body "Ebers Bliaud +1";
input /equip ear1 "Glorious Earring";
input /equip ear2 "Nourish. Earring +1";
input /equip neck "Incanter's Torque";
Gearswap Set
sets["Weather cure with Af3 "] = {
    main="Chatoyant Staff",
    sub="Achaq Grip",
    ammo="Esper Stone +1",
    head="Kaykaus Mitra",
    neck="Incanter's Torque",
    ear1="Glorious Earring",
    ear2="Nourish. Earring +1",
    body="Ebers Bliaud +1",
    hands="Kaykaus Cuffs",
    ring1="Janniston Ring",
    ring2="Lebeche Ring",
    back="Twilight Cape",
    legs="Ebers Pant. +1",
    feet="Kaykaus Boots"