Low Man Sea Helpz Needed .

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Low Man Sea helpz needed .
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user: Mikumaru
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By Phoenix.Mikumaru 2010-01-13 13:12:48
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With winter break being over and various other reasons , my LS's Sea numbers have been hurting a little . Leadership isnt too willing to fight most Jailers w/o at least 15 or more ppl . While i can understand this for JoL , On Odin there where a few Shells that regularly defeated all the jailers , including JoL , with a relatively small group . This was probly close to 3 or more years ago when the number of people with Access were considerably lower .
The point is i was wondering if anyone had some working Strats for Low Manning The Jailers . Need numbers ? ok we Avg 8-12 ppl on Sea nite as of late . 18 is rare . 15 is usually the Max we see . Everyone has 3 or more 75 so we shouldnt have a problem making most set ups . Single Job Burning isnt an option cuz not everyone has BLM , RDM , SCH or SMN @ 75 . I am sure the Idea of Low Manning JoL isnt possible anymore since it has a 2hr time limit now . With some Strats that are doable i'd rather try and talk leadership iinto trying Low Man rather than laying Sea to the Side . Any assistance would be very very helpful .
Server: Leviathan
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By Leviathan.Antonioklaus 2010-01-14 22:28:41
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JoL isn't too bad. Only problems is you need either 4 awesome BLM or 5 normal BLM and 1 puller for the summons. It's timed so they shouldn't need a refresher or anything. We use a RDM/NIN since they get all the buffs.

Only problem with JoL is the 2hr. If it coincides with the Shark summons they will do Aerial Collision. Hard for your tank or blm to live through.

Aside from that, if you want super low man (of course this doesn't account for the tank dying or the BLM dying)

1 tank: PLD/RDM or RDM/NIN.
1 BRD rotating parties. (ballads for tank, buffs for melee)
1 RDM: Tank party for haste and refresh.
2 WHM: We put them in tank pt since I have Ghorn.
5 BLM: summon party outside. DOn't put inside cause if they nuke same element as jol and hit it, he gets HP back.
1 Puller. Mentioned above.

DD: Here is where your stuff varies. I try to bring a DRG for Angon. Also a DRG means the Sams can go /THF. A nice SATA onto the DRG and then Super Jump is awesome. You can use RNG as well. They do good DMG. MNK, War dmg is kinda low. THF for feint.

If you have a lot of ppl with SMN, once regen is gone, 3 SMNs can do all the dmg.

Like I said you have to be careful low man and be ready to lose triggers. We did a run once with 4 BLM, 1 Tank, 2 whm, my brd, rdm and 3 smns. We lost because 1 BLM and the PLD dc'd. Sharks Aerial collisioned the 3 remaining BLM.
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