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LFG/LFM Odyssey and Dynamis
Server: Asura
Game: FFXI
user: Daeron
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By Asura.Baeron 2021-06-27 10:57:06
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The people that I regularly play with have all but disappeared from the game, but I'm not done with it yet, so I'm looking for people to run Odyssey and Dynamis with. I'm happy to join an existing group or linkshell, or I'm happy to make my own from scratch if other people are interested in joining up.

I have no problems starting Odyssey from scratch to work a static group up to V15 clears; I don't have most of the clears myself, so if starting from scratch without someone with access, that's what we'd have to do.

For Dynamis, I prefer running with a small group; you can get just as much RP running with 4-5 people as you can with 18, so unless we're going for a W3 clear, I'd rather keep it to one party.

I'm EST, but my play times are pretty wide. I'd just like to be done with whatever event we're doing by around midnight EST / 9PM PST.

My jobs:
* R15 Tizona BLU
* R7 Aeneas THF
* R0 Vere MNK
* Serviceable PUP (Mostly tanking-focused)
* pretty OK SCH (needs just a little work on nuking sets, so not V15 Ongo ready yet)

If forming an Odyssey group from scratch, obviously it'd be important to find people with complimentary jobs for both segment farming and boss kills. Other than that, I'm just looking for fun, competent players! Side note: I already have 120k segments, so if another group is looking for a replacement/stand-in, I can join without needing to catch up on segments!
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