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Windower4 on Wine
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By Farchord 2020-11-07 08:44:11
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Good morning, so I tried to search the forum for the answer for this.

I am trying to move to Linux and am working on Making FFXI+Windower work on Wine. While the Windower, FFXI and even addons seem to be working, my keyboard is not. Well, mostly not, the keys that matter do not work, some of which is 'Enter', 'CTRL' and 'ALT' (Which really sucks XD)

I checked to find what library or method Windower uses to hook keyboard inputs to see if there's a winetricks I can install, but as the Windower source code is not available (For obvious reasons), I'm at a loss.

I am aware someone made a patch for this in the past but it's for a stone-age version of Wine that I'm not even sure would work nowadays (It's not even supported in Lutris).

Anyone got the Windower to work in Wine?
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By Jetackuu 2020-11-07 09:32:32
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Since the upgrade to the hook on 4.3 I am to understand at least one person got it somewhat working but had a lot of bugs.

The discord is probably a better/faster resource for knowledge in this area, however.
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