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BRD LUA NiTro State
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By RendBlackhand 2020-09-26 12:39:29
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I have been learning a few things with LUA and the only issue I have in a NiTro situation is that the song casts before the midcast set is equipped. I have been looking at different LUA and none of them take this into account. Is there a toggle you guys set up or do you have a state and a conditional statement that then just equips your midcast for precast during NiTro? I am sure some of you have this so any help is greatly appreciated. If you could provide the specific lines and location to place them it would help alot.

Server: Bahamut
Game: FFXI
user: riat
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By Bahamut.Riaja 2020-10-17 22:11:14
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Hey there~ What you could do in this scenario is this.

Two separate sets created for each JA.

sets.ja['Nightingale'] = {
feet="Bihu Slippers",
sets.ja['Troubadour'] = {
body="Bihu Justaucorps",

Then set this condition in the precast function so it takes care of any set named after a job ability.

elseif sets.ja[] then

For your in-game macro you could set it up like this.

line 1: /ja "Nightingale" <me> <wait 2>
line 2: /ja "Troubadour" <me>

With this set up only your relic feet and body will swap out when the JA is called.

Head to Mhaura (nomad moogle can reset your JA timers) and test it out.
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