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Question about Mipmapping setting
By 2019-12-26 16:50:24
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By Torzak 2020-04-06 02:21:41
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I never had this problem on my Windows 7 rig. At least not to a point that it stood out to me as annoying. Maybe that was because of the monitor being a lower resolution?

Between EOL on Windows 7 and finally getting my hands on a 3950x, I upgraded my hardware in Feb and found myself frustrated with this strange shimmer effect.

For a while I just dealt with it.

I found your thread, obviously, and I found this thread:

I read through that, and then opened regedit and saw that entries 3 & 4 were not what I thought I had set them to: 4096x4096. I've tried to always make sure I was using 4096x4096 for a background resolution since days of playing this game on a Mobility 9000 radeon card.

So I changed entries 3 & 4 (background resolution) back to 4096x4096 and relaunched the game through Windower and at the POL screen, I tabbed over to regedit and I hit F5 on the regedit window and I saw that it had reverted back to what Windower must be setting it at. I'm on a 4k screen so that's the 3840x2160. It was no longer 4096.

Basically, it seems like it's at least partly a windower issue in that Windower wants to change what was supposed to be a 1:1 resolution setting to match your screen resolution. I'm not sure if that furthers the problem, or if Windower is just preventing the problem from being less noticeable through Super Sampling.

Anyway, the resolution you set in Windower is applied to both 1, 2, and 3, 4 in the registry.


1 & 2 are supposed to be your screen resolution or the resolution you want to play at.

3 & 4 are supposed to be a background resolution. 3 & 4 used to be where the old super sampling registry hack everyone used back in the day came into play. The default was always something like 512x512 or 1024x1024, but you could crank it up to something like 4096x4096 to make things look really pretty.

Windower takes it upon itself to set 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 to the same values on every launch, making Super Sampling basically impossible without some kind of intervention.

If you start the game with Windower, and you get to a point where PlayOnline is open on the screen, you can then open regedit and navigate to the above path on Windows 10 and change 3 & 4 to something higher.

For a reference point, with Windower set at the default 3840 x 2160 on a 4k screen with a GTX 1080, you're looking at about ~16% GPU on idle areas of FFXI such as freshly zoned out of moghouse in West Adoulin after characters populate from loading (On Asura). And at this setting, anything further than about 6 yalms will shimmer, and anything further than about 20 yalms shimmers very badly with these higher definition textures folks are creating for everyone to enjoy. It's especially obvious on ground levels in towns or on the grass.

But if you launch Windower, and change the entries 3 & 4 once the POL screen comes up to 5120 x 5120 (decimal) it helps, but the shimmer is still obvious some few yalms out and out to the horizon.

6144 x 6144 helps a bit more, but the shimmer can still be seen 13 to 14 yalms out and out to the horizon.

7168 x 7168 helps a bit more - shimmer can still be seen around the 14 yalm mark and out to the horizon, thought it's less obvious than the 6144 x 6144 background resolution. In your mog-house the shimmer is basically non-existent.

8192 x 8192 helps a bit more - shimmer still can be seen around the 14 yalm mark and from there out to the horizon, though it's again a bit less obvious. This uses about ~35% GPU just barely zoned out of mog, and after toons load, in West Adoulin (Asura).

9216 x 9216 This uses about ~37% GPU just barely zoned out of mog, and after toons load, in West Adoulin (Asura). The shimmer is still noticeable, but at this level, I *think* I can live with it.

10240 x 10240 This uses about ~46% GPU, a notable jump up, just barely zoned out of mog, and after toons load, in West Adoulin (Asura). And I'm not sure if this was even an improvement. And admittedly, I was surprised the game still loaded. I did not try resolutions higher than this for a background resolution.

All of this was with mip mapping off.

After all of these tests, I tried 6144 x 6144 background resolution with mip mapping at 2. I'm not sure if it was an improvement over 6144 x 6144 with mip mapping off. I'd need to do a faster A & B comparison or take a video of it.

Anyway, if someone else wants to take up some more setting manipulations from here, that'd be great.
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